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    Cylindrical Superlens by a Coordinate Transformation

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    Cylinder-shaped perfect lens deduced from the coordinate transformation method is proposed. The previously reported perfect slab lens is noticed to be a limiting form of the cylindrical lens when the inner radius approaches infinity with respect to the lens thickness. Connaturality between a cylindrical lens and a slab lens is affirmed by comparing their eigenfield transfer functions. We numerically confirm the subwavelength focusing capability of such a cylindrical lens with consideration of material imperfection. Compared to a slab lens, a cylindrical lens has several advantages, including finiteness in cross-section, and ability in lensing with magnification or demagnification. Immediate applications of such a cylindrical lens can be in high-resolution imaging and lithography technologies. In addition, its invisibility property suggests that it may be valuable for non-invasive electromagnetic probing.Comment: Minor changes to conform with the published versio

    Cylindrical Invisibility Cloak with Simplified Material Parameters is Inherently Visible

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    It was proposed that perfect invisibility cloaks can be constructed for hiding objects from electromagnetic illumination (Pendry et al., Science 312, p. 1780). The cylindrical cloaks experimentally demonstrated (Schurig et al., Science 314, p. 997) and proposed (Cai et al., Nat. Photon. 1, p. 224) have however simplified material parameters in order to facilitate easier realization as well as to avoid infinities in optical constants. Here we show that the cylindrical cloaks with simplified material parameters inherently allow the zeroth-order cylindrical wave to pass through the cloak as if the cloak is made of a homogeneous isotropic medium, and thus visible. To all high-order cylindrical waves, our numerical simulation suggests that the simplified cloak inherits some properties of the ideal cloak, but finite scatterings exist.Comment: 10 pages, 3 figure
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