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    Proving Environmental Inequity in Siting Locally Unwanted Land Uses

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    This paper advances a process for determining whether, e.g., waste-to-energy facilities are disproportionately located in minority and poor communities, and the author asks others to join in searching for a scientifically sound and fair process of resolving conflicting interests in locating LULUs. He also discusses some difficult issues and argues that they need to be addressed by a representative panel

    Exercise Does Not Effect Context-dependent Episodic Memory

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    Memory has been shown to be strongly associated with the context in which it is encoded, suggesting that the context is central to the memory itself. However, the effect of exercise on context dependent object recognition is not fully known. We then set out to investigate the effect of exercise on context dependent object recognition. In Experiment 1 we showed that a context change reduced object recognition memory but did not significantly disrupt object recognition. In Experiment 2 we assessed whether exercise would the mitigate the effect of context change. We showed that exercise does not significantly improve object recognition nor did it mitigate the effect of context change on object recognition. These results suggest that a discrete context change can significantly disrupt retrieval of object recognition memory. Our results do not agree with the body of literature related to this topic, so further inquisition into these effects should be undertaken to confirm or refute the impact of exercise on contextual object recognition

    Journalists\u27 Views of the Environment: Issues and Challenges

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    In advocating the use of an environmental handbook for journalists, the authors report on a survey of reporters and editors regarding salient environmental issues in different regions of the United States and e emphasis placed on environmental reporting in newsrooms

    Hazards, Risk and the Press: A Comparative Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Nuclear and Chemical Weapons Sites

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    The authors present a comparative analysis of newspaper coverage for four hazardous substance containment facilities located in different parts of the country

    Brown Fields, a Regional Incinerator and Resident Perception of Neighborhood Quality

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    The authors discuss an extension of their research into residential perceptions of neighborhood quality as affected by urban blight. They believe that unwanted facilities may help deteriorate neighborhoods to the point where they are fit only for such uses

    Studio Expressive Arts Therapy: Towards a Classroom Method That Incorporates Art and Music

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    This thesis explored the ways in which expressive arts therapy (ExAT) could be incorporated into a small therapeutic high school’s visual arts program. Through the development and implementation of a method, intermodal exchange between visual art and music was integrated into both the school’s art program and its group counseling offerings. Informed by a literature review of studio art therapy (SAT) as related to ExAT, three different interventions were used to fit within the frameworks of the high school’s offerings. The first intervention focused on making music with a few students within art classes while the rest of the class continued to make art. The second intervention incorporated ExAT exercises into a bi-weekly group therapy session for students. The third intervention incorporated music therapy exercises into another bi-weekly group therapy session for students. The results and observations were recorded autoethnographically. The interventions were well received by the students and staff. Observed benefits included increased engagement in the arts by previously averse students, increased expression of emotional states by students, and increased social connectivity amongst students. This thesis hopes to support the addition of ExAT classes in schools to augment traditional art, music, and theatre offerings

    Frequency of Use and Perceived Credibility of Information Sources and Variations by Socioeconomic Factors among Savannah River Stakeholders

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    The authors examine the factors effecting credibility of risk communication in the communities surrounding the Savannah River Nuclear Weapons Site
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