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    Do the gravitational corrections to the beta functions of the quartic and Yukawa couplings have an intrinsic physical meaning?

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    We study the beta functions of the quartic and Yukawa couplings of General Relativity and Unimodular Gravity coupled to the λϕ4\lambda\phi^4 and Yukawa theories with masses. We show that the General Relativity corrections to those beta functions as obtained from the 1PI functional by using the standard MS multiplicative renormalization scheme of Dimensional Regularization are gauge dependent and, further, that they can be removed by a non-multiplicative, though local, field redefinition. An analogous analysis is carried out when General Relativity is replaced with Unimodular Gravity. Thus we show that any claim made about the change in the asymptotic behaviour of the quartic and Yukawa couplings made by General Relativity and Unimodular Gravity lack intrinsic physical meaning.Comment: 6 pages, 7 figure

    Noncommutative GUT inspired theories and the UV finiteness of the fermionic four point functions

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    We show at one-loop and first order in the noncommutativity parameters that in any noncommutative GUT inspired theory the total contribution to the fermionic four point functions coming only from the interaction between fermions and gauge bosons, though not UV finite by power counting, is UV finite at the end of the day. We also show that this is at odds with the general case for noncommutative gauge theories --chiral or otherwise-- defined by means of Seiberg-Witten maps that are the same --barring the gauge group representation-- for left-handed spinors as for right-handed spinors. We believe that the results presented in this paper tilt the scales to the side of noncommutative GUTS and noncommutative GUT inspired versions of the Standard Model.Comment: 11 pages, 3 figures. Version 2: references fixed and completed. Version 3: Comments adde

    The Seiberg-Witten map and supersymmetry

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    The lack of any local solution to the first-order-in-h omegamn Seiberg-Witten (SW) map equations for U(1) vector superfields compels us to obtain the most general solution to those equations that is a quadratic polynomial in the ordinary vector superfield, v, its chiral and antichiral projections and the susy covariant derivatives of them all. Furnished with this solution, which is local in the susy Landau gauge, we construct an ordinary dual of noncommutative U(1) SYM in terms of ordinary fields which carry a linear representation of the N=1 susy algebra. By using the standard SW map for the N=1 U(1) gauge supermultiplet we define an ordinary U(1) gauge theory which is dual to noncommutative U(1) SYM in the WZ gauge. We show that the ordinary dual so obtained is supersymmetric, for, as we prove as we go along, the ordinary gauge and fermion fields that we use to define it carry a nonlinear representation of the N=1 susy algebra. We finally show that the two ordinary duals of noncommutative U(1) SYM introduced above are actually the same N=1 susy gauge theory. We also show in this paper that the standard SW map is never the theta theta--bar component of a local superfield in v and check that, at least at a given approximation, a suitable field redefinition of that map makes the noncommutative and ordinary --in a Bmn field-- susy U(1) DBI actions equivalent.Comment: 28 pages. No figure