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    Volatility and stock market direction: a study on emerging markets.

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    Volatility indices, such VIX, can be used for determining stock market direction. In this paper, we analyze the relationship between changes in the VIX direction and changes in the turning point of S&P 500 and the MSCI Latin-America Emerging Market index, in order to see whether they anticipate the changes. Also, the volatility of emerging markets measured by standard deviation and their relationship with the stock market movements within this market are calculated, since the greater the value of the volatility, the greater the likelihood of a rise or fall. In order to locate the turning point and the upward and downward phases of the cycles, empirical methods are applied and are characterized by using a set of decision rules that reflect the practical experience gained by analysts. Our conclusions include: Turning points, or peaks and troughs, in the VIX are coincident with peaks and troughs in the opposite direction for the S&P 500 index and in emerging markets

    Values and Heritage Conservation: Research Report, The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles

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    Researches values and benefits of cultural heritage conservation undertaken by GCI through its Agora initiative as a means of articulating and furthering ideas that have emerged from the conservation field in recent years

    Assessing the Values of Cultural Heritage

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    Focuses on methods of identifying, articulating and establishing cultural significance. This is the third report on research begun in 1995 about values and economics of cultural heritage

    Digital inclinometer

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    In this document is present a final degree thesis which main goal is to design, development and construction of a digital inclinometer. The project consists on a multitasking system organised by a microcontroller. The input data is given by an accelerometer connected via SPI. The microprocessor will analyse this data and will obtain the angle. After it will show this angle in a lcd screen, also connected to microcontroller. It can be also set a tare angle with a pushbutton. This is useful to measure angles between different surfaces. This system will be presented soldered and in a plastic case, obtained with a 3D printer.En este documento se presenta un trabajo fin de grado cuyo objetivo principal es el diseño, desarrollo y construcción de un inclinómetro digital. El proyecto consiste en un sistema multitarea organizado por un microcontrolador. Los datos serán obtenidos por un acelerómetro conectado a través de SPI. El microprocesador los analizará obtendrá el ángulo. Después lo mostrará en una pantalla lcd, también conectada al microcontrolador. Se puede también definir un ángulo de tara con un pulsador. Esto es útil para medir ángulos entre diferentes superficies. Este sistema será presentado soldado y en una caja de plástico, obtenida con una impresora 3D.Ingeniería Electrónica Industrial y Automátic

    Stock Market Crisis in Spain and their Comparison with Other International Market: Analysis of the Principal Characteristics

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    Periódicamente en los mercados bursátiles se producen periodos de caídas drásticas que son denominados como “crisis bursátiles”. El análisis de estas crisis sobre el mercado bursátil Español y sus repercusiones, puede permitir a gestores e inversores anticipar sus estrategias ante las mismas. Las variables empíricas más importantes que definen a una crisis, las cuales serán objeto de este estudio, son el porcentaje de caída desde el máximo, la duración de la caída y el tiempo necesario hasta recuperar el máximo anterior. La comparación de estas variables con las obtenidas del análisis de los mercados Americano, Alemán e Inglés, nos permitirá ver el grado de correlación entre crisis a nivel internacional y realizar previsiones.Regularly there are periods of a dramatic decline in stock markets that are defined as “stock market crashes” and cause “stock market crisis”. Analysis of the influence of this crisis over the Spanish stock market and their repercussions can enable stockbrokers and investor to use anticipating strategies. The most outstanding empirical variables which define a crisis, which are the object of this study, are the maximum drawndown percentage, de duration of the decline and the recovery time. The comparison of these variables with those obtained from the American, German and English markets analysis allows us to see the degree of correlation between these crises and to do forecasting

    Technostress: how does it affect the productivity and life of an individual? Results of an observational study

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    Objectives: Technostress is an emergent phenomenon related to the pervasive use of technology and is associated with the increased computerisation and digitalisation seen over recent decades. This crosssectional observational study aims to investigate the impact that stress from the use of technologies (i.e. technostress) has on the productivity and life of an individual. Study design: Cross-sectional study. Methods: Data were collected using a previously proposed and validated questionnaire. The questionnaire was translated into Italian and transformed into an online format with a Google Docs form. The questionnaire was then associated with a link and QR code (also available in paper format) and disseminated manually and through the use of e-mail and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Results: The study sample included 313 individuals, 54.6% of whom were women. The mean age of the sample participants was 34.7 years. The dependent variables were technstressors (i.e. techno-overload, techno-invasion, techno-complexity, techno-insecurity and techno-uncertainty), role stressors (i.e. role overload and role conflict) and productivity. In the multivariate analysis, techno-overload was significantly associated with female gender (b ¼ 0.128; P ¼ 0.018) and unemployment (b ¼ 0.303; P < 0.001); techno-invasion was significantly associated with female gender (b ¼ 0.098; P ¼ 0.081) and degree-level education (b ¼ 0.149; P ¼ 0.008); techno-complexity was significantly associated with female gender (b ¼ 0.107; P ¼ 0.057) and being married (b ¼ 0.113; P ¼ 0.046); techno-uncertainty was significantly associated with unemployment (b ¼ 0.337; P < 0.001); role overload was significantly associated with female gender (b ¼ 0.160; P ¼ 0.014) and productivity was significantly associated with degree-level education (b ¼ 0.125; P ¼ 0.057). Conclusions: This observational study evaluated the phenomenon of both work-related and noneworkrelated technostress of 313 individuals aged between 16 and 65 years. The present study investigated the impact of five techno-stressors, two role stressors and productivity. The results indicate that different techno-stressors are significantly associated with female gender, degree-level education and unemployment. Further research in this field is required to better understand and clarify the epid

    El sílex en su contexto geológico: Un corpus de datos para el Pirineo centro-oriental [Chert in its geological context: A data corpus for the central-eastern Pyrenees]

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    En este artículo se presentan las características texturales, petrográficas y micropaleontológicas de las distintas silicificaciones que afloran en el Pirineo centro-oriental. Para esta investigación se han analizado más de 300 muestras procedentes de 75 afloramientos primarios y subprimarios. Las descripciones son el resultado de un intenso trabajo de campo desarrollado en la última década en ambas vertientes de la Cordillera Pirenaica. El corpus de datos que presentamos provee detalladas descripciones de la totalidad de recursos silíceos disponibles en este área, facilitando futuras investigaciones arqueopetrológicas desarrolladas en el ámbito geográfico pirenaico. Finalmente, debido a las particularidades que poseen algunas silicificaciones y a su amplia difusión en el registro arqueológico, presentamos lo que hemos definido como dos trazadores litológicos del área pirenaica.Chert in its geological context: A data corpus for the central-eastern PyreneesThe analysis of lithic raw materials from an archaeopetrological perspective is essential if the aim is to better understand human groups who used this resource. Archaeopetrology considers lithic tools as natural and cultural remains, taking into account both natural (e.g. petrographical, micropaleontological, and geochemical) and cultural (e.g. technological, typological and traceological) aspects.We have focused our attention in the Pyrenees Mountain Range, as a specific geographical space, strategic by its location and understood long time ago as a barrier and now as a place of human interaction. This research area is an ideal location for the analysis of lithic raw materials.The Pyrenees correspond to the portion of the Pyrenean chain that extends between the Gulf of Lion and the Bay of Biscay. From North to South three major areas have been identified: the Norpyrenean Zone, the Axial Zone and the Basque Massif and Southpyrenean Zone (Vera, 2004) (Figure 1). For this study, we have analyzed the geological formations with chert located in the Central-Eastern Pyrenees.To achieve our goals, first we consulted the existing geological mapping, to see what formations included chert. Having detected the areas potentially containing chert, a series of field surveys took place. The goal was to detect and describe outcrops and proceed to sampling chert for latter characterize them at the laboratory. To accomplish this research at the laboratory, petroarchaeological methods were applied. These methods use descriptions and classifications from the natural sciences, such as petrology, to characterise, define and name rocks used by past societies. Initially a petroarchaeological characterisation of more than 300 chert evidences recovered from up to 75 outcrops was undertaken. This characterization was done in terms of two scales of analyses. First, a macroscopic examination of the entire set was carried out using a binocular microscope. Afterwards, a petrographic and micropaleontological characterization of those materials was performed by analysing them in thin sections.As a result of the fieldwork carried out, a total of 20 geological formations containing chert were identified: 10 outcropping in the Northern Pyrenean slopes and 10 in the Southern Pyrenean slopes. As it has been said, more than 300 chert evidences recovered from up to 75 outcrops were analyzed, obtaining the results we present below.In this paper we present the 20 geological formations with chert outcropping in the Central-Eastern Pyrenees. The textural, petrographic and micropaleontological analysis of these cherts has allowed us to document different siliceous varieties with a variable knapping aptitude.According to their special features and appearance in the archaeological record of distant sites, two long distance tracers have been identified. These are the Agua-Salenz Formation cherts and the Nankin Formation cherts. Both silicifations possess distinctive features allowing us to define strong differences from a macroscopic point of view (inclusions and micropaleontological content). The presence of these cherts in several archaeological sites located at more than 200 km away from the outcropping area is indicating a long distance exchange (e.g. Agua-Salenz cherts in Belvis Cave or Nankin cherts in Parco Cave) (Sánchez 2015). Consequently, these cherts of the Agua-Salenz Formation and the Nankin Formation can be interpreted as examples of long distance tracers for the Central-Eastern Pyrenees.To conclude, in this study are described the geological formations with chert documented in the Central-Eastern Pyrenees. This data corpus is a helpful tool for other researchers interested in lithic raw materials procurement
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