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    The Manufacture and Properties of an Extruded, Resin-Bonded Graphite, CMF-13 Lot AAQ1

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    Manufacture and properties of extruded resin bonded graphit

    CMF-13 research on carbon and graphite Summary progress report, 1 May - 31 Jul. 1970

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    Microstructural research on carbon and graphite for use as engineering material

    CMF-13 research on carbon and graphite Progress summary report, 1 May - 31 Jul. 1968

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    Physical and mechanical properties of carbon and graphit

    CMF-13 research on carbon and graphite Progress summary report, 1 Aug. - 31 Oct. 1969

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    Physical and mechanical properties of carbon and graphite used as engineering material

    CMB-13 research on carbon and graphite

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    The effects of grinding on Santa Maria coke are considered, as well as the production of resin-bonded graphite from the coke. Kynol fibers, properties and purities of coal tar pitches, carbonization of resin components, synthesis of gamma BL (4-furfuryl 2-pentenoic acid gamma lactone), and a glass-like carbon powder for use as a filler are also discussed. The hydrogen contents of commercial cokes and graphites are tabulated, and a quantimet image-analyzing computer and its operation are described

    Progress of the LASL dry hot rock geothermal energy project

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    The possibilities and problems of extracting energy from geothermal reservoirs which do not spontaneously yield useful amounts of steam or hot water are discussed. The system for accomplishing this which is being developed first is a pressurized-water circulation loop intended for use in relatively impermeable hot rock. It will consist of two holes connected through the hot rock by a very large hydraulic fracture and connected at the surface through the primary heat exchanger of an energy utilization system. Preliminary experiments in a hole 2576 ft (0.7852 km) deep, extending about 470 ft (143 m) into the Precambrian basement rock underlying the Jemez Plateau of north-central New Mexico, revealed no unexpected difficulties in drilling or hydraulically fracturing such rock at a temperature of approximately 100 C, and demonstrated a permeability low enough so that it appeared probable that pressurized water could be contained by the basement rock. Similar experiments are in progress in a second hole, now 6701 ft (2.043 km) deep, about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south of the first one

    CMF-13 research on carbon and graphite Progress report, 1 Feb. - 30 Apr. 1969

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    Carbon and graphite research and development, with detailed data on Santa Maria coke as filler materia

    Preliminary estimates of operating costs for lighter than air transports

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    A preliminary set of operating cost relationships are presented for airship transports. The starting point for the development of the relationships is the direct operating cost formulae and the indirect operating cost categories commonly used for estimating costs of heavier than air commercial transports. Modifications are made to the relationships to account for the unique features of airships. To illustrate the cost estimating method, the operating costs of selected airship cargo transports are computed. Conventional fully buoyant and hybrid semi-buoyant systems are investigated for a variety of speeds, payloads, ranges, and altitudes. Comparisons are made with aircraft transports for a range of cargo densities
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