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    A psychoanalytic concept illustrated: Will, must, may, can ā€” revisiting the survival function of primitive omnipotence

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    The author explores the linear thread connecting the theory of Freud and Klein, in terms of the central significance of the duality of the life and death instinct and the capacity of the ego to tolerate contact with internal and external reality. Theoretical questions raised by later authors, informed by clinical work with children who have suffered deprivation and trauma in infancy, are then considered. Theoretical ideas are illustrated with reference to observational material of a little boy who suffered deprivation and trauma in infancy. He was first observed in the middle of his first year of life while he was living in foster care, and then later at the age of two years and three months, when he had been living with his adoptive parents for more than a year

    A primal method for minimal cost flows with applications to the assignment and transportation problems Technical report no. 32

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    Method for minimal cost flow analysis with applications to assignment and transportation problem

    Hydrogen-oxygen electrolytic regenerative fuel cells progress report, oct. 5 - nov. 6, 1964

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    Effect of various parameters on performance characteristics of regenerative hydrogen-oxygen fuel cel

    Nuclear systems for space power and propulsion

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    As exploration and utilization of space proceeds through the 1970s, 1980s, and beyond, spacecraft in earth orbit will become increasingly larger, spacecraft will travel deeper into space, and space activities will involve more complex operations. These trends require increasing amounts of energy for power and propulsion. The role to be played by nuclear energy is presented, including plans for deep space missions using radioisotope generators, the reactor power systems for earth orbiting stations and satellites, and the role of nuclear propulsion in space transportation

    A note on sequential search

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    Search problems involving moving targets solved by using Markov decision model

    Structural and mechanical effects of interstitial sinks

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    Contribution of interstitial sinks to creep strength of niobium- and tantalum-based alloys determined by effect on activation energy for cree

    Planetary submillimeter spectroscopy

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    The aim is to develop a comprehensive observational and analytical program to study solar system physics and meterology by measuring molecular lines in the millimeter and submillimeter spectra of planets and comets. A primary objective is to conduct observations with new JPL and Caltech submillimeter receivers at the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO) on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. A secondary objective is to continue to monitor the time variable planetary phenomena (e.g., Jupiter and Uranus) at centimeter wavelength using the NASA antennas of the Deep Space Network (DSN)
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