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    Flat space modified particle dynamics induced by Loop Quantum Gravity

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    Starting from an heuristic approach to the semiclassical limit in loop quantum gravity, the construction of effective Hamiltonians describing Planck length corrections to the propagation of photons and spin 1/2 fermions, leading to modified energy-momentum relations, is summarized. Assuming the existence of a privileged reference frame, we also review the determination of stringent bounds upon the parameters labelling such corrections, based upon already existing experimental data, which are found to be from five to nine orders of magnitude below the expected values.Comment: 10 pages, no figures, ws-procs 975x65.cls, extended version of the talk given at the Tenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, July 20-26, 200

    Loop Quantum Gravity induced corrections to fermion dynamics in flat space

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    A summary of recent work related to the calculation of loop quantum gravity induced corrections to standard particle (photons and spin 1/2 fermions) dynamics in flat space is presented. Stringent bounds upon the parameters characterizing the corrections in the fermionic sector, arising from already known clock-comparison experiments, are reviewed.Comment: 6 pages, no figures, ws-procs9x6.tex, Talk presented at the Third International Symposium on Quantum Theory and Symmetries, U. of Cincinnati, September 10-14, 200

    Solving CFTs with Weakly Broken Higher Spin Symmetry

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    The method of large spin perturbation theory allows to analyse conformal field theories (CFT) by turning the crossing equations into an algebraic problem. We apply this method to a generic CFT with weakly broken higher spin (HS) symmetry, to the first non-trivial order in the breaking parameter. We show that the spectrum of broken currents, for any value of the spin, follows from crossing symmetry. After discussing a generic model of a single scalar field, we focus on vector models with O(N)O(N) global symmetry. We rediscover the spectrum of several models, including the O(N)O(N) Wilson-Fisher model around four dimensions, the large O(N)O(N) model in 2<d<42<d<4 and cubic models around six dimensions, not necessarily unitary. We also discuss models where the fundamental field is not part of the spectrum. Examples of this are weakly coupled gauge theories and our method gives an on-shell gauge invariant way to study them. At first order in the coupling constant we show that again the spectrum follows from crossing symmetry, to all values of the spin. Our method provides an alternative to usual perturbation theory without any reference to a Lagrangian.Comment: 30 pages,v2:typos correcte

    Loop quantum gravity induced modifications to particle dynamics

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    The construction of effective Hamiltonians arising from Loop Quantum Gravity and incorporating Planck scale corrections to the dynamics of photons and spin 1/2 particles is summarized. The imposition of strict bounds upon some parameters of the model using already existing experimental data is also reviewed.Comment: 9 pages, 0 figures, talk presented at the X Mexican School of Particles and Fields, latex, aipproc style 6x

    Radio Continuum Sources Associated with AB Aur

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    We present high angular resolution, high-sensitivity Very Large Array observations at 3.6 cm of the Herbig Ae star AB Aur. This star is of interest since its circumstellar disk exhibits characteristics that have been attributed to the presence of an undetected low mass companion or giant gas planet. Our image confirms the continuum emission known to exist in association with the star, and detects a faint protuberance that extends about 0.′′30\rlap.{''}3 to its SE. Previous theoretical considerations and observational results are consistent with the presence of a companion to AB Aur with the separation and position angle derived from our radio data. We also determine the proper motion of AB Aur by comparing our new observations with data taken about 17 years ago and find values consistent with those found by Hipparcos.Comment: 6 pages, 1 figur

    The superconformal bootstrap for structure constants

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    We report on non-perturbative bounds for structure constants on N=4 SYM. Such bounds are obtained by applying the conformal bootstrap recently extended to superconformal theories. We compare our results with interpolating functions suitably restricted by the S-duality of the theory. Within numerical errors, these interpolations support the conjecture that the bounds found in this paper are saturated at duality invariant values of the coupling. This extends recent conjectures for the anomalous dimension of leading twist operators.Comment: 14 pages, 4 figure

    Conformal Bootstrap With Slightly Broken Higher Spin Symmetry

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    We consider conformal field theories with slightly broken higher spin symmetry in arbitrary spacetime dimensions. We analyze the crossing equation in the double light-cone limit and solve for the anomalous dimensions of higher spin currents Îłs\gamma_s with large spin ss. The result depends on the symmetries and the spectrum of the unperturbed conformal field theory. We reproduce all known results and make further predictions. In particular we make a prediction for the anomalous dimensions of higher spin currents in the 3d Ising model.Comment: 41 pages, 2 figures, %\draftmod
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