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    Search for single production of the heavy vectorlike TT quark with TthT\to th and hγγh\to \gamma\gamma at the high-luminosity LHC

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    The vectorlike top partners TT are predicted in many extensions of the Standard Model (SM). In a simplified model including a single vectorlike TT quark with charge 2/32/3, we investigate the process ppTjpp \to Tj induced by the couplings between the top partner with the first and the third generation quarks at the LHC. We find that the mixing with the first generation can enhance the production cross section. We further study the observability of the single heavy top partner through the process ppT(th)jt(bν)h(γγ)jpp \to T(\to th)j\to t(\to b \ell \nu_{\ell})h( \to \gamma\gamma) j at the high-luminosity~(HL)-LHC~(a 14 TeV pppp collider with an integrated luminosity of 3 ab1^{-1}). For three typical heavy TT quark masses mT=600,800m_T=600,800 and 1000 GeV, the 3σ3\sigma exclusion limits, as well as the 5σ5\sigma discovery reach in the parameter plane of the two variables gRLg^{\ast}-R_L, are respectively obtained at the HL-LHC.Comment: 13 pages, 10 figures, Matches with the published versio

    The production and decay of the top partner TT in the left-right twin higgs model at the ILC and CLIC

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    The left-right twin Higgs model (LRTHM) predicts the existence of the top partner TT. In this work, we make a systematic investigation for the single and pair production of this top partner TT through the processes: e^{+}e^{-}\to t\ov{T} + T\bar{t} and T\ov{T}, the neutral scalar (the SM-like Higgs boson hh or neutral pseudoscalar boson ϕ0\phi^{0}) associate productions e^{+}e^{-}\to t\ov{T}h +T\bar{t}h, T\ov{T}h, t\ov{T}\phi^{0}+T\bar{t}\phi^{0} and T\ov{T}\phi^{0}. From the numerical evaluations for the production cross sections and relevant phenomenological analysis we find that (a) the production rates of these processes, in the reasonable parameter space, can reach the level of several or tens of fb; (b) for some cases, the peak value of the resonance production cross section can be enhanced significantly and reaches to the level of pb; (c) the subsequent decay of Tϕ+btbˉbT\to \phi^{+}b \to t\bar{b}b may generate typical phenomenological features rather different from the signals from other new physics models beyond the standard model(SM); and (d) since the relevant SM background is generally not large, some signals of the top partner TT predicted by the LRTHM may be detectable in the future ILC and CLIC experiments.Comment: 20pages, 15 figures and 6 Tables. Minor corrections on text. new references adde

    Search for single production of the vector-like top partner at the 14 TeV LHC

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    The new heavy vector-like top partner~(TT) is one of typical features of many new physics models beyond the standard model. In this paper we study the discovery potential of the LHC for the vector-like TT-quark both in the leptonic TbWT\to bW and TtlepZlepT\to t_{\rm lep}Z_{\rm lep} (trilepton) channels at s=14\sqrt{s}= 14 TeV in the single production mode. Our analysis is based on a simplified model including a SU(2)LSU(2)_L singlet with charge 2/32/3 with only two free parameters, namely the TWbTWb coupling parameter gg^{\ast} and the top partner mass mTm_T. The 2σ2\sigma exclusion limits, 3σ3\sigma evidence and the 5σ5\sigma discovery reach in the parameter plane of gmTg^{\ast}-m_T, are, respectively, obtained for some typical integrated luminosity at the 14 TeV LHC. Finally we analyze the projected sensitivity in terms of the production cross section times branching fraction for two decay channel.Comment: 15 pages, 10 figures, 2 tables. version in EPJ