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    Superconducting Vortices induced Periodic Magnetoresistance Oscillations in Single Crystal Au Nanowires

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    We show in this paper that it is possible to induce superconducting vortices in a gold nanowire connected to superconducting electrodes. The gold nanowire acquires superconductivity by the proximity effect. The differential magnetoresistance of the nanowire beyond a critical magnetic field shows uniform oscillations with increasing field with a period of \phi0/(2\pir^2) (\phi0 = h/2e is the superconducting flux quantum, r = 35 nm is the radius of the nanowire). We demonstrate that these periodic oscillations are the signatures of the sequential generation and moving of vortices across the gold nanowire

    Locating influential nodes via dynamics-sensitive centrality

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    With great theoretical and practical significance, locating influential nodes of complex networks is a promising issues. In this paper, we propose a dynamics-sensitive (DS) centrality that integrates topological features and dynamical properties. The DS centrality can be directly applied in locating influential spreaders. According to the empirical results on four real networks for both susceptible-infected-recovered (SIR) and susceptible-infected (SI) spreading models, the DS centrality is much more accurate than degree, kk-shell index and eigenvector centrality.Comment: 6 pages, 1 table and 2 figure