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    The Effect of Globalization on Educational Attainment

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    This paper studies the effect of globalization on educational attainment. Using exports as percentage of GDP and globalization index to measure globalization, I use a series of panel regression models that includes agricultural exports, skilled manufactured exported and low-skilled manufactured exported as explanatory variables of schooling. Using a panel of 63 countries, 47 years (from 1970-2016) and OLS model, my results suggest that reduction in tariff or increasing in exports lead to increase in years of schooling. Moreover, WTO member does not play roles in education achievement. Educational attainment decreases with agriculture exports, low-skill-intensive manufactured exports and skilled manufactured exports


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    Power system faults normally result in system damage, profit loss and consumer dissatisfaction. Consequently, there is a strong demand on precise and fast fault location estimation for power system to minimize the system restoration time. This paper examines a method to locate short-circuit faults on a distribution system with unbalanced loads without fault type information. Bus impedance matrix technique was harnessed in the fault location estimation algorithm. The system data including line impedances, source impedance and distribution system layout was assumed to be known factors, hence pre-fault bus impedance can be calculated and implemented into the algorithm. Corresponding methods to derive system matrix information were discussed. Case studies were performed to evaluate the accuracy of the fault location algorithm and illustrate the robust performance under measurements errors influences, load variation impacts and load compensation implementations. Traditional fault location methods involve current and voltage measurements mandatorily locating at each ends of faulted section to locate the fault. The method examined finds fault location for distribution system utilizing impedance matrix accompanied with sparse measurements in the power network. This method fully considers the unbalance of distribution system

    Fatigue in patients with Sjögren’s syndrome and intervention of traditional herbal medicine

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    Background: Fatigue is the main complaint exiting in patients with primary Sj√∂gren‚Äôs Syndrome (pSS) but rarely addressed.¬†Patients described it as an uncontrollable symptom of lack of energy, which has negative impacts on health related quality of life. Todate, many studies have demonstrated that cytokines, depression, sleep and endocrine disturbance interrelated with pSS-related¬†fatigue. However, the pathogenesis remains unclear. With a long history, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as alternative therapy¬†has become increasingly popular among patients with various kinds of disease, especially in pSS. Based on the unique principle of¬†therapy, practitioners have achieved a satisfactory effect on relieving disease related symptoms with Chinese Herbal Medicine¬†(CHM).Materials and Methods: In this article, we succinctly reviewed the highly correlated factors to pSS-related fatigue from the¬†standpoint of western medicine. Then, from TCM perspective, we illustrated that theoretic mechanisms lead to fatigue in patients¬†with pSS.Results: According to the theory of TCM, we concluded that CHM as complementary and alternative medicines are attractive¬†options to alleviate pSS-related fatigue.Conclusion: In clinic, physicians should remember to inquire whether their patients are worn out easily. Combination of¬†Yin-tonifying and Qi-tonifying CHM may be the optimal options to pSS-related fatigue.KeywordsÔľöSj√∂gren‚Äôs Syndrome, fatigue, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, rheumatic disease

    Customer concentration and M&A performance

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