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    Notes for Miscellaneous Lectures

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    Here I share a few notes I used in various course lectures, talks, etc. Some may be just calculations that in the textbooks are more complicated, scattered, or less specific; others may be simple observations I found useful or curious.Comment: 6 pages. New section 6 adde

    Cohomology of the complement to an elliptic arrangement

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    We consider the complement to an arrangement of hyperplanes in a cartesian power of an elliptic curve and describe its cohomology with coefficients in a nontrivial rank one local system.Comment: AMSLaTeX, 12 page

    Aperiodic Tilings: Breaking Translational Symmetry

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    Classical results on aperiodic tilings are rather complicated and not widely understood. Below, an alternative approach is discussed in hope to provide additional intuition not apparent in classical works.Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures, minor change