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    D-brane Bound States and the Generalised ADHM Construction

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    We discuss the sigma model description of a D-string bound to k D-fivebranes in type I string theory. The effective theory is an (0,4) supersymmetric hyper-Kahler with torsion sigma model on the moduli space of Sp(k) instantons on R^4. Upon toroidal compactification to five dimensions the model is related to the type II picture where the target space is a symmetric product of K3's.Comment: 17 pages Phyzzx. Minor corrections, to appear in Nucl. Phys.

    Non-Abelian Born-Infeld Action and Solitons for Critical Non-BPS Branes

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    The non-abelian flat directions in the tachyon potential of stable non-BPS branes recently found are shown to persist to all orders in alpha' at tree level in the string coupling. We also obtain the non-abelian Born-Infeld action including the tachyon potential for a stack of stable non-BPS branes on a critical orbifold. Finally we discuss stable soliton states on the non-BPS brane.Comment: 12+1 pages, Latex. Typos, a reference and the discussion of the monopole solution are correcte

    M-Theory and Hypercharge

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    We discuss the possibility that the electro-weak and strong interactions arise as the low energy effective description of branes in M-theory. As a step towards constructing such a model we show how one can naturally obtain SU(N_1)\times SU(N_2)\times U(1) gauge theories from branes, including matter in the bi-fundamental representation of SU(N_1)\times SU(N_2) which are fractionally charged under U(1).Comment: 29 pages Phyzzx. Two figure

    N=2 Superfields and the M-Fivebrane

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    In this paper we provide a manifestly N=2 supersymmetric formulation of the M-fivebrane in the presence of threebrane solitons. The superspace form of four-dimensional effective equations for the threebranes are readily obtained and yield the complete Seiberg-Witten equations of motion for N=2 super-Yang-Mills. A particularly simple derivation is given by introducing an N=2 superfield generalisation of the Seiberg-Witten differential.Comment: 14 pages phyzzx. Added paragraph on the existence of a six-dimensional action. To appear in Phys. Lett.

    Superconductivity-Induced Anderson Localisation

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    We have studied the effect of a random superconducting order parameter on the localization of quasi-particles, by numerical finite size scaling of the Bogoliubov-de Gennes tight-binding Hamiltonian. Anderson localization is obtained in d=2 and a mobility edge where the states localize is observed in d=3. The critical behavior and localization exponent are universal within error bars both for real and complex random order parameter. Experimentally these results imply a suppression of the electronic contribution to thermal transport from states above the bulk energy gap.Comment: 4 pages, revtex file, 3 postscript figure

    The Threebrane Soliton of the M-Fivebrane

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    We discuss the supersymmetry algebra of the M theory fivebrane and obtain a new threebrane soliton preserving half of the six-dimensional supersymmetry. This solution is dimensionally reduced to various D-p-branes.Comment: 10 pages, phyzz

    A New Massive Type IIA Supergravity From Compactification

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    We consider the most general form for eleven dimensional supersymmetry compatible with on-shell superfields. This allows for the introduction of a conformal Spin(1,10) connection. In eleven dimensional Minkowski space this modification is trivial and can be removed by a field redefinition, however, upon compactification on S^1 it is possible to introduce a non-trivial `Wilson line'. The resulting ten dimensional supergravity has massive 1-form and 3-form potentials and a cosmological constant. This theory does not possess a supersymmetric eightbrane soliton but it does admit a supersymmetric non-static cosmological solution.Comment: 13 pages, phyzzx. The introduction is clarifed and a reference adde
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