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    Not AvailableIn India, a huge quantity of jute (Corchorus spp.) stick is being produced as a primary by-product of jute fibre (economic part) cultivation every year, and the common practice in vogue is to burn such resides as firewood for domestic energy purposes. Present study aimed to utilize this jute stick alpha cellulose as raw material for synthesis of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) under microwave radiation. The samples were characterized by FTIR and degree of polymerization. Effect of various mineral acids under microwave radiation were also tested. This study reported a new method for preparing MCC from jute stick alpha cellulose by microwave radiation (650W for 45 min at 80 oC). The order of finer MCC was HCl>HNO3> H2SO4 whereas, the yield order was HCl>H2SO4> HNO3. The developed MCC could be explored for pharmaceutical and other applications.Not Availabl

    Microstructures and mechanical properties of ternary Ti�Si�Sn alloys

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    Titanium based alloys are one of the important structural materials with applications ranging from aerospace to biomedical industries. Several ternary Ti�Si�Sn alloys were explored in this study to design the microstructure comprising of binary and ternary eutectics corresponding to Ti�Si, Ti�Sn and Ti�Si�Sn system. The microstructural evolution in these alloys was studied using a combination of characterization techniques and thermodynamic calculations. The predicted solidification path from thermodynamic calculations well supported the experimental microstructural data. In addition, mechanical property and microstructure relationship were determined by performing hardness measurements and evaluating stress-strain curves under compression.by Chandra Sekhar Tiwary, Manas Paliwal, Sanjay Kashyap, Praful Pandey, Suman Sarkar, Ipshita Kundu, Shakti Bhaskar, In-Ho Jung, K.Chattopadhyay and Dipankar Banerje