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    Measurement of Electroweak Vector Boson Pair Production in pp Collision with the CMS Detector at LHC

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    We present an overview of measurements of electroweak vector boson pair production and anomalous Triple Gauge Couplings (aTGC), with semileptonic and fully leptonic final states. The data analyzed were taken at center of mass energy of 7 & 8 TeV by the CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. The cross-section measurements are important because they are test of the Standard Model predictions, while these processes serve as background for Higgs searches and various other processes

    Certain Classes of Cohen-Macaulay Multipartite Graphs

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    The Cohen-Macaulay property of a graph arising from a poset has been studied by various authors. In this article, we study the Cohen-Macaulay property of a graph arising from a family of reflexive and antisymmetric relations on a set. We use this result to find classes of multipartite graphs which are Cohen-Macaulay

    Embeddings and CC^*-envelopes of exact operator systems

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    We prove a necessary and sufficient condition for embeddability of an operator system into O2\mathcal{O}_2. Using Kirchberg's theorems on a tensor product of O2\mathcal{O}_2 and O\mathcal{O}_{\infty}, we establish results on their operator system counterparts S2\mathcal{S}_2 and S\mathcal{S}_{\infty}. Applications of the results proved, including some examples describing CC^*-envelopes of operator systems, are also discussed.Comment: 12 Pages. To appear in Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Societ

    Generalized Analogs of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Inequality

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    We investigate locally compact topological groups for which a generalized analogue of Heisenberg uncertainty inequality hold. In particular, it is shown that this inequality holds for Rn×K\mathbb{R}^n \times K (where KK is a separable unimodular locally compact group of type I), Euclidean Motion group and several general classes of nilpotent Lie groups which include thread-like nilpotent Lie groups, 22-NPC nilpotent Lie groups and several low-dimensional nilpotent Lie groups