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    Kinematics in the Central Kiloparsec of Spiral Galaxies

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    Results from kinematic observations of the central regions of spiral galaxies are reviewed, with particular emphasis on starburst and AGN hosts. While morphological studies lead to important insight, a more complete understanding of the physical processes that drive the evolution of the central regions can be achieved with measurements of the kinematics of gas and stars. Here, a variety of observational techniques at different wavelengths is critically discussed, and specific areas of interest are highlighted, such as inflow in barred galaxies and the origin of nuclear spiral arms. A brief discussion of a number of case studies is presented to illustrate recent progress.Comment: Invited review, to appear in The Central kpc of Starbursts and AGN: the La Palma Connection, eds. J. H. Knapen, J. E. Beckman, I. Shlosman, and T. J. Mahoney (ASP: San Francisco), Vol. 249. 18 pages latex, includes 9 postscript figures. Uses newpasp.sty (included

    High-resolution UKIRT observations of circumnuclear star formation in M100

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    We present high-resolution, near-infrared imaging of the circumnuclear region of the barred spiral galaxy M100 (=NGC 4321), accompanied by near-infrared spectroscopy. We identify a total of 43 distinct regions in the K-band image, and determine magnitudes and colours for 41 of them. By comparison with other near-infrared maps we also derive colour excesses and K-band extinctions for the knots. Combining the imaging and spectroscopic results, we conclude that the knots are the result of bursts of star formation within the last 15-25 Myr. We discuss the implications of these new results for our dynamical and evolutionary understanding of this galaxy.Comment: 10 pages, 4 figures, uses mn-1.4.sty. Accepted for publication in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Societ
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