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    A Hidden Broad-Line Region in the Weak Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 788

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    We have detected a broad H alpha emission line in the polarized flux spectrum of the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 788, indicating that it contains an obscured Seyfert 1 nucleus. While such features have been observed in ~15 other Seyfert 2s, this example is unusual because it has a higher fraction of galaxy starlight in its spectrum, a lower average measured polarization, and a significantly lower radio luminosity than other hidden Seyfert 1s discovered to date. This demonstrates that polarized broad-line regions can be detected in relatively weak classical Seyfert 2s, and illustrates why well-defined, reasonably complete spectropolarimetric surveys at H alpha are necessary in order to assess whether or not all Seyfert 2s are obscured Seyfert 1s.Comment: 10 pages using (AASTEX) aaspp4.sty and 4 postscript figures. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Research Notes, in pres

    fc177, a Minor dec-1 Proprotein, Is Necessary to Prevent Ectopic Aggregation of the Endochorion During Eggshell Assembly in Drosophila

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    The Drosophila eggshell is a highly specialized extracellular matrix that forms between the oocyte and the surrounding epithelial follicle cells during late oogenesis. The dec-1 gene, which is required for proper eggshell assembly, produces three proproteins that are cleaved within the vitelline membrane layer to multiple derivatives. The different spatial distributions of the cleaved derivatives suggest that they play distinct roles in eggshell assembly. Using extant dec-1 mutations in conjunction with genetically engineered dec-1 transgenes, we show that, although all three dec-1 proproteins, fc106, fc125, and fc177, are required for female fertility, gross morphological abnormalities in the eggshell are observed only in the absence of fc177. The coalescence of the roof, pillar, and floor substructures of the tripartite endochorion suggested that quantitatively minor fc177 derivatives are necessary to prevent ectopic aggregation of endochorion proteins during the assembly process. Expression of a fc177 cDNA in dec-1 null mutants was sufficient to restore spaces within the endochorion layer. Fc177 may function as a scaffolding protein akin to those utilized in viral morphogenesis

    Study of meshing of beveled gears with normally decreasing arc teeth

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    The meshing of beveled gears was studied by the direct and inverse approaches. Gear wheels with teeth of equal height are studied, and wheels with normally-decreasing arc teeth. Different coordinate systems are utilized to plot the determination of the rotation of the originating gear wheel and the meshing line of the gear wheel which is cut. Matrices are used to determine the equations of the originating surfaces and the unit vectors of the normals to these originating surfaces

    Initial experimental evidence that the ability to choose between items alters attraction to familiar versus novel persons in different ways for men and women

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    Nonhuman species may respond to novel mates with increased sexual motivation (‘The Coolidge Effect1). In humans, novel technological advances, such as online dating platforms, are thought to result in ‘Choice Overload’2. This may undermine the goal of finding a meaningful relationship3, orienting the user toward novel possible partners versus committing to a partner. Here, we used a paradigm measuring change in attraction to familiar faces (i.e. rated on second viewing4) to investigate Coolidge-like phenomena in humans primed with choice of potential online dating partners. We examined two pre-registered hypotheses (https://osf.io/xs74r/files/). First, whether experimentally priming choice (viewing a slideshow of online dating images) directly reduces the attractiveness of familiar preferred sex faces compared to our control condition. Second, whether the predicted effect is stronger for men than women given the role of the Coolidge effect in male sexual motivation5.<br/

    Resonance absolute quantum reflection at selected energies

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    The possibility of the resonance reflection (100 % at maximum) is revealed. The corresponding exactly solvable models with the controllable numbers of resonances, their positions and widths are presented.Comment: 5 pages, 2 figure

    The baseline intracluster entropy profile from gravitational structure formation

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    The radial entropy profile of the hot gas in clusters of galaxies tends to follow a power law in radius outside of the cluster core. Here we present a simple formula giving both the normalization and slope for the power-law entropy profiles of clusters that form in the absence of non-gravitational processes such as radiative cooling and subsequent feedback. It is based on seventy-one clusters drawn from four separate cosmological simulations, two using smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) and two using adaptive-mesh refinement (AMR), and can be used as a baseline for assessing the impact of non-gravitational processes on the intracluster medium outside of cluster cores. All the simulations produce clusters with self-similar structure in which the normalization of the entropy profile scales linearly with cluster temperature, and these profiles are in excellent agreement outside of 0.2 r_200. Because the observed entropy profiles of clusters do not scale linearly with temperature, our models confirm that non-gravitational processes are necessary to break the self-similarity seen in the simulations. However, the core entropy levels found by the two codes used here significantly differ, with the AMR code producing nearly twice as much entropy at the centre of a cluster.Comment: Accepted to MNRAS, 8 pages, 9 figure
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