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    The New Legislative Finance Charges: Disclosure, Freedom of Entry, and Rate Ceilings

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    The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the dynamics of a school of fish and design a controller to help steer the fish. Many species of fish can only live in waters of a certain temperature and will need to migrate from time to time in order to find an area with suitable temperature. The controller is designed to guide the fish as a group to an area of desired temperature. This is done in a bottom-up approach, starting from basics and explaining each part of the controller and why it is necessary. The model is non-linear and cannot easily be solved analytically, therefore it is discretized and solved numerically in Matlab. Simulations then compare the behaviour of the fish for different isotherms

    Prediction of particle type from measurements of particle location: A physicist's approach to Bayesian classification

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    The Bayesian approach to the prediction of particle type given measurements of particle location is explored, using a parametric model whose prior is based on the transformation group. Two types of particle are considered, and locations are expressed in terms of a single spatial coordinate. Several cases corresponding to different states of prior knowledge are evaluated, including the effect of measurement uncertainty. Comparisons are made to nearest neighbor classification and kernel density estimation. How one can evaluate the reliability of the prediction solely from the available data is discussed.Comment: 22 pages, 11 figures, 4 tables, minor revisio