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    Wrapped M2/M5 Duality

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    A microscopic accounting of the entropy of a generic 5D supersymmetric rotating black hole, arising from wrapped M2-branes in Calabi-Yau compactified M-theory, is an outstanding unsolved problem. In this paper we consider an expansion around the zero-entropy, zero-temperature, maximally rotating ground state for which the angular momentum J_L and graviphoton charge Q are related by J_L^2=Q^3. At J_L=0 the near horizon geometry is AdS_2 x S^3. As J_L^2 goes to Q^3 it becomes a singular quotient of AdS_3 x S^2: more precisely, a quotient of the near horizon geometry of an M5 wrapped on a 4-cycle whose self-intersection is the 2-cycle associated to the wrapped-M2 black hole. The singularity of the AdS_3 quotient is identified as the usual one associated to the zero-temperature limit, suggesting that the (0,4) wrapped-M5 CFT is dual near maximality to the wrapped-M2 black hole. As evidence for this, the microscopic (0,4) CFT entropy and the macroscopic rotating black hole entropy are found to agree to leading order away from maximality.Comment: 10 pages, no figure

    Superconformal Black Hole Quantum Mechanics

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    In recent work, the superconformal quantum mechanics describing D0 branes in the AdS_2xS^2xCY_3 attractor geometry of a Calabi-Yau black hole with D4 brane charges p^A has been constructed and found to contain a large degeneracy of chiral primary bound states. In this paper it is shown that the asymptotic growth of chiral primaries for N D0 branes exactly matches the Bekenstein-Hawking area law for a black hole with D4 brane charge p^A and D0 brane charge N. This large degeneracy arises from D0 branes in lowest Landau levels which tile the CY_3xS^2 horizon. It is conjectured that such a multi-D0 brane CFT1 is holographically dual to IIA string theory on AdS_2xS^2xCY_3.Comment: 8 page

    M5-brane Effective Action as an On-shell Action in Supergravity

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    We show that the covariant effective action for M5-brane is a solution to the Hamilton-Jacobi (H-J) equations of 11-dimensional supergravity. The solution to the H-J equations reproduces the supergravity solution that represents the M2-M5 bound states.Comment: 20 pages, references added, typos correcte

    Effective Actions for Massive Kaluza-Klein States on AdS_3 x S^3 x S^3

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    We construct the effective supergravity actions for the lowest massive Kaluza-Klein states on the supersymmetric background AdS_3 x S^3 x S^3. In particular, we describe the coupling of the supergravity multiplet to the lowest massive spin-3/2 multiplet which contains 256 physical degrees of freedom and includes the moduli of the theory. The effective theory is realized as the broken phase of a particular gauging of the maximal three-dimensional supergravity with gauge group SO(4) x SO(4). Its ground state breaks half of the supersymmetries leading to 8 massive gravitinos acquiring mass in a super Higgs effect. The holographic boundary theory realizes the large N=(4,4) superconformal symmetry.Comment: 31 pages, v2: minor change

    Strongly Coupled Inflaton

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    We continue to investigate properties of the strongly coupled inflaton in a setup introduced in arXiv:0807.3191 through the AdS/CFT correspondence. These properties are qualitatively different from those in conventional inflationary models. For example, in slow-roll inflation, the inflaton velocity is not determined by the shape of potential; the fine-tuning problem concerns the dual infrared geometry instead of the potential; the non-Gaussianities such as the local form can naturally become large.Comment: 12 pages; v3, minor revision, comments and reference added, JCAP versio

    Energy radiated from a fluctuating selfdual string

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    We compute the energy that is radiated from a fluctuating selfdual string in the large NN limit of AN−1A_{N-1} theory using the AdS-CFT correspondence. We find that the radiated energy is given by a non-local expression integrated over the string world-sheet. We also make the corresponding computation for a charged string in six-dimensional classical electrodynamics, thereby generalizing the Larmor formula for the radiated energy from an accelerated point particle.Comment: 12 page