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    Fluctuation Results from PHENIX

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    The PHENIX Experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider has made measurements of event-by-event fluctuations in the net charge, the mean transverse momentum, and the charged particle multiplicity as a function of collision energy, centrality, and transverse momentum in heavy ion collisions. The results of these measurements will be reviewed and discussed.Comment: Proceedings for the Workshop on Correlations and Fluctuations in Relativistic Nuclear Collisions, April 21-23, 2005; 10 pages, 17 figure

    The librational dynamics of deformable bodies

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    Approximative analysis on librational dynamics of deformable satellit

    The librational dynamics of satellites

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    Librational dynamics of satellite

    The construction of saturated 2Rk-p designs

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    Combinatorial and sequential analyses for optimization of saturated design

    Orbital transfer vehicle concept definition and system analysis study, 1985. Volume 2: OTV concept definition and evaluation. Book 4: Operations

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    The benefits of the reusable Space Shuttle and the advent of the new Space Station hold promise for increasingly effective utilization of space by the scientific and commercial as well as military communities. A high energy reusable oribital transfer vehicle (OTV) represents an additional capability which also exhibits potential for enhancing space access by allowing more ambitious missions and at the same time reducing launch costs when compared to existing upper stages. This section, Vol. 2: Book 4, covers launch operations and flight operations. The launch operations section covers analyses of ground based and space based vehicles, launch site facilities, logistics requirements, propellant loading, space based maintenance and aft cargo carrier access options. The flight operations sections contain summary descriptions of ground based and space based OTV missions, operations and support requirements, and a discussion of fleet implications
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