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    Investor behavior & fundamental analysis: a case of Karachi stock exchange investor's

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    The current study hypothesized the investor behaviors with stock market fundamental analysis. Thus, the study used convinance and simple random sampling for data acquisition and study has used descriptive, correlation regression and combined effect t tests to interpret the data. And have concluded that facets of investor behavior i-e overconfidence, optimism, involvement and risk behavior has significant relation with stock market fundamental analysis. Hence, study concluded its finding up to historic investigations

    Financial reporting regime & financial statements antecedents banking sector case of Pakistan

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    The current study hypothesized the significant correlation of financial reporting regime with financial statements ingredients. Study used connivance sampling technique for data acquisition have employed separate and combined descriptive test, Hosmer & Lemeshow test and binary logistic test for interpretation. Thus, the study revealed its significant correlation with historic investigations. While, more systematic work is required because of time, resources and potential constraints limited findings are concluded

    Labor and Agriculture Productivity: A Case of Thana, Sakhakot and Palyai Sher Khana of District Malakand

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    Pakistan is an agrarian country and agriculture sector has been remained the main stay for the economy since independence in 1947. There are a number of factors which can affect its productivity in different ways. The present study examines agriculture productivity in district Malakand using a random sample of 56 farmers. A structured questionnaire is developed, and explained to respondents whenever needed. Data gathered is analyzed using descriptive statistics and linear production function of Cobb-Douglas type. The econometric model is estimated using OLS, after testing for all its major assumptions.  The empirical analysis is carried out in two ways: first, simple descriptive statistics has been calculated, and secondly, an econometric model has been estimated. The descriptive analysis reveals that the average agri. Productivity in the sample area is Rs 6.02. The average of labor hours is 25.1875 per day. The use of tractor by a farmer on average is 958.04 hours per year. The average fertilizers used in agriculture productivity is 3245 kilo gram per year. The average level of water used by the farmer is 1.93 times per week. The average pesticides in the sample area 2.34 times per month. As shown in the general theory of production, production depends on a number of factors such as labor (L), Tractor (TRC), Fertilizer (F), Water times (WTUS). The expected coefficients of each variables is expected be positively related to production level under certain assumptions. Labor input is positively related to production of agri. Output. The tractor has smaller and smaller positive effects on productivity. These effects are so small that it is statistically insignificant contribution to productivity. Water and pesticide is an essential input for forming. Many studies have shown that water and pesticide have positive effects on agriculture productivity. . The role of govt. is not very impressive in promotion of know how related to agri. diseases and its medicine. It may be due to this that the impact of pesticide is negative, which is being a small amount in use

    Impact of rewards and leadership on the employee engagement in conventional banking sector of Southern Punjab

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    The purpose of this research is to explore the impact of rewards and leadership on the employee engagement in conventional banking sector of southern Punjab. Employee engagement is fully influenced by leadership, workplace culture, company reputation and reward practices. Satisfied workers have potential to work effectively and they always remain loyal to the organization. This research focuses to evaluate the impact of two covariates reward and leadership on the engagement of the employees. The data includes 50 employees of 5 banks selected from conventional banking sector located in southern Punjab. The results indicate positive impact of reward and leadership on employee engagement. The paper provides evidence to suggest that management focus to enhance skills of the employees through proper coaching, leadership, and motivation

    Moderating Effect of Brand Awareness on Country of Origin and Brand Equity: A Case of DG-Khan & Rajan Pur Districts

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    The current study aims to investigate the relationship between country of origin and brand equity by incorporating moderating factor as brand awareness. The data is collected from consumers markets by using questionnaire. Thus, the study revealed significant relationship among country of origin and brand equity. Thus, brand awareness as moderator is also found significant between country of origin and brand equity. Keywords: Brand Awareness, Brand Equity, Country of Origin, Questionnaire, Moderated, Significan

    Crucial Study of Primary Schools of District Rajanpur, Punjab: A Case Study from Pakistan

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    The main function of the study was crucial study of primary schools of district Rajanpur, Punjab, Pakistan. The research is based on main and minor sources. The data are collected from students, teachers, parents and officers through questionnaire. 100 students, 100 teachers, 100 parents and 50 officers are selected for sample. Researchers are used simple percentage for data analysising. They find out that greater part of the public primary schools do not have accurate school structure and other fundamental services. Syllabus is not complete in a year. There is a clash on medium of teaching. The dropout is rising and system of examination is not excellent. The presentation of teachers and students are very poor. Parents do not take attention in the learning process and officers do not visit the school properly

    Loan Management System of Muslim Commercial Bank of Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan

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    The purpose of this research work is to develop the Loan Management System. The system will maintain the database of beneficiaries and allow efficient and rapid processing of various aspects of the system. It covers all the department of the purposed system. The system will facilitate all the employees and senior management of Loan Management System for Muslim Commercial Bank. In existing system it is very difficult to handle the large amount of requests at the same time by the number of users. The computerized system will ideal for solving complicated problems, storing a very large amount of data with ease and speed.. The tools for the project is VISUAL BASIC-6.0 selected to create front-end application. SQL Server 2000 will be used as backend and Crystal Report8.0 used for reporting (Jill 2000). Keywords: loan management, bank system, MCB,computerized ban

    Corporate Entrepreneurial Impact on Formal Fast food Sector

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    This study aims to get aware how integrating strategies boost up corporate entrepreneurship process. The concept corporate entrepreneurship  cover up a broad array of entrepreneurial  activities involving innovation, new varieties offered, and new service categories in terms of minor to major change. Purpose of this study is to find out the relationship among corporate entrepreneurship and formal fast sector. For this empirical research primary data is collected by questionnaires and observation method. With help of SPSS, descriptive statistics, correlation and regression model is developed to interpret the results. Basically two variables corporate entrepreneurship (independent) and wealth maximization of formal fast food sector by different determinants(dependant). Results reveal that few determinants have positive relationship while others have negatively correlated with each other. Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial activities; Innovation ; New services categories ; Food Industry; Intrapreneurshi

    Scholarly study of primary schools of Pakistan: a case of Rajanpur district

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    The fundamental subject of the education is the serious investigation of primary schools of Tehsil Jampur (Pakistan). The study constructed on most important and less important bases. Principal information collected from blood relation, colonels, educators and scholars over opinion, survey, and consultation implements however subordinate statistics by go through collected works. A model of 200 scholars, 100 educators, 100 parentages and 30 colonels are a selection of by implementing stratified accidental sample enterprise. Qualitative and measurable skills used for the exploration of information. It is initiate that mainstream of the Supervision primary schools do not have suitable school structure and other elementary accommodations. Program of education is not absolute presented and employed in such departments. There is silent an argument on moderate of lessons between investors. The waster percentage is swelling therefore future and investigation is quite a challenge. The performance of educators and scholars remains improper. Parentages do not demonstration any attentiveness in the matters of institutes. Moreover, colonel seldom duty call and administer Control region primary schools. Going on origin of the conclusions, the object is round off with endorsements given at the end of paper
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