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    Reactor antineutrino fluxes - status and challenges

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    In this contribution we describe the current understanding of reactor antineutrino fluxes and point out some recent developments. This is not intended to be a complete review of this vast topic but merely a selection of observations and remarks, which despite their incompleteness, will highlight the status and the challenges of this field.Comment: 10 pages, 2 figures, 3 tables, prepared for the Nuclear Physics B special issue on Neutrino Oscillations celebrating the Nobel Prize in Physics 201

    Probing the Origins of Neutrino Mass with Supernova Data

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    We study type II supernova signatures of neutrino mass generation via symmetry breaking at a scale in the range from keV to MeV. The scalar responsible for symmetry breaking can be thermalized in the supernova core and restore the symmetry. The neutrinos from scalar decays have about half the average energy of thermal neutrinos and are Bose-Einstein distributed. We find that, even without a detailed knowledge of the supernova parameters, a discovery is well within reach at Super-Kamiokande.Comment: Revised calculations and references added. Abstract and conclusions unchanged. 4 pages, no figure
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