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    An alternative proof that the Fibonacci group F(2,9) is infinite

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    This note contains a report of a proof by computer that the Fibonacci group F(2,9) is automatic. The automatic structure can be used to solve the word problem in the group. Furthermore, it can be seen directly from the word-acceptor that the group generators have infinite order, which of course implies that the group itself is infinite.Comment: LaTex, 3 pages, no figures. To appear in Experimental Mathematic

    Solving the word problem in real time

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    The paper is devoted to the study of groups whose word problem can be solved by a Turing machine which operates in real time. A recent result of the first author for word hyperbolic groups is extended to prove that under certain conditions the generalised Dehn algorithms of Cannon, Goodman and Shapiro, which clearly run in linear time, can be programmed on real-time Turing machines. It follows that word-hyperbolic groups, finitely generated nilpotent groups and geometrically finite hyperbolic groups all have real-time word problems
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