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    Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity in Biprojective Spaces

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    We define the concept of regularity for bigraded modules and bigraded polynomial ring. In this setting we prove analogs of some of the classical results on mm-regularity for graded modules over polynomial algebras.Comment: 17 Pages, 2 figure

    Curvilinear Base Points, Local Complete Intersection and Kozsul Syzygies in Biprojective Spaces

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    We prove analogs of results of Cox/Schenck on the structure of certain ideals in the bigraded polynomial ring k[s,u;t,v].Comment: 12 page

    Environmental exposure effects on composite materials for commercial aircraft

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    A study was conducted to determine the effects of long term flight and ground exposure on three commercially available graphite-epoxy material systems: T300/5208, T300/5209, and T300/934. Sets of specimens were exposed on commercial aircraft and ground racks for 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 years. Inflight specimen sites included both the interior and exterior of aircraft based in Hawaii, Texas, and New Zealand. Ground racks were located at NASA-Dryden and the above mentioned states. Similar specimens were exposed to controlled lab conditions for up to 2 years. After each exposure, specimens were tested for residual strength and a dryout procedure was used to measure moisture content. Both room and high temperature residual strengths were measured and expressed as a pct. of the unexposed strength. Lab exposures included the effects of time alone, moisture, time on moist specimens, weatherometer, and simulated ground-air-ground cycling. Residual strengths of the long term specimens were compared with residual strengths of the lab specimens. Strength retention depended on the exposure condition and the material system. Results showed that composite materials can be successfully used on commercial aircraft if environmental effects are considered

    Panel Discussion

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    Using Immigration Law to Protect Human Rights: A Critique of Recent Legislative Proposals

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    This Article critiques several legislative proposals that sought to impose immigration restrictions on serious human rights abusers. Part I provides a brief overview of the international restrictions on immigration relief. In particular, it focuses on those restrictions that limit immigration relief available to individuals who have committed serious human rights abuses. Part II then reviews the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and its restrictions on immigration relief. It also examines the federal agencies charged with investigating cases of serious human rights abusers in the United States. Part III describes recent legislative proposals that have sought to deny immigration relief to serious human rights abusers. It critiques four bills and a related Justice Department proposal: (1) S. 1375: Anti-Atrocity Alien Deportation Act; (2) H.R. 5285: Serious Human Rights Abusers Accountability Act of 2000; (3) Human Rights Abusers Act of 2000; (4) H.R. 1449: Anti-Atrocity Alien Deportation Act; and (5) S. 864: Anti-Atrocity Alien Deportation Act of 2001. Finally, Part IV sets forth a list of recommendations for U.S. immigration policy. These recommendations seek to balance the desire to combat impunity with the need to protect the rights of legitimate immigrants