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    Bethe Ansatz and Thermodynamic Limit of Affine Quantum Group Invariant Extensions of the t-J Model

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    We have constructed a one dimensional exactly solvable model, which is based on the t-J model of strongly correlated electrons, but which has additional quantum group symmetry, ensuring the degeneration of states. We use Bethe Ansatz technique to investigate this model. The thermodynamic limit of the model is considered and equations for different density functions written down. These equations demonstrate that the additional colour degrees of freedom of the model behave as in a gauge theory, namely an arbitrary distribution of colour indices over particles leave invariant the energy of the ground state and the excitations. The SS-matrix of the model is shown to be the product of the ordinary tJt-J model SS-matrix and the unity matrix in the colour space.Comment: Latex, 17 page

    Lattice electrons in constant magnetic field: Bethe like ansatz

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    We use the functional representation of Heisenberg-Weyl group and obtain equation for the spectrum of the model, which is more complicated than Bethes ones, but can be written explicitly through theta functions.Comment: 8 pages, LATE

    A New Family of Integrable Extended Multi-band Hubbard Hamiltonians

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    We consider exactly solvable 1d multi-band fermionic Hamiltonians, which have affine quantum group symmetry for all values of the deformation. The simplest Hamiltonian is a multi-band t-J model with vanishing spin-spin interaction, which is the affinization of an underlying XXZ model. We also find a multi-band generalization of standard t-J model Hamiltonian.Comment: 8 pages, LaTeX file, no figure