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    Three Dimensional Gauge Theory with Topological and Non-topological Mass: Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Analysis

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    Three dimensional (abelian) gauged massive Thirring model is bosonized in the large fermion mass limit. A further integration of the gauge field results in a non-local theory. A truncated version of that is the Maxwell Chern Simons (MCS) theory with a conventional mass term or MCS Proca theory. This gauge invariant theory is completely solved in the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian formalism, with the spectra of the modes determined. Since the vector field constituting the model is identified (via bosonization) to the fermion current, the charge current algebra, including the Schwinger term is also computed in the MCS Proca model.Comment: Eight pages, Latex, No figures

    Planar Two-particle Coulomb Interaction: Classical and Quantum Aspects

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    The classical and quantum aspects of planar Coulomb interactions have been studied in detail. In the classical scenario, Action Angle Variables are introduced to handle relativistic corrections, in the scheme of time-independent perturbation theory. Complications arising due to the logarithmic nature of the potential are pointed out. In the quantum case, harmonic oscillator approximations are considered and effects of the perturbations on the excited (oscillator) states have been analysed. In both the above cases, the known 3+1-dimensional analysis is carried through side by side, for a comparison with the 2+1-dimensional (planar) results.Comment: LaTex, Figures on request, e-mail:<[email protected]
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