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    H2 Formation on Interstellar Grains in Different Physical Regimes

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    An analysis of the kinetics of H2 formation on interstellar dust grains is presented using rate equations. It is shown that semi-empirical expressions that appeared in the literature represent two different physical regimes. In particular, it is shown that the expression given by Hollenbach, Werner and Salpeter [ApJ, 163, 165 (1971)] applies when high flux, or high mobility, of H atoms on the surface of a grain, makes it very unlikely that H atoms evaporate before they meet each other and recombine. The expression of Pirronello et al.\ [ApJ, 483, L131 (1997)] -- deduced on the basis of accurate measurements on realistic dust analogue -- applies to the opposite regime (low coverage and low mobility). The implications of this analysis for the understanding of the processes dominating in the Interstellar Medium are discussed.Comment: 4 pages, MN styl

    Multiple Quantum NMR and Entanglement Dynamics in Dipolar Coupling Spin

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    We investigate numerically the time dependence of the multiple quantum coherences and entanglement in linear chains up to nine nuclear spins of 1/2 coupled by the dipole-dipole interactions. Two models are considered: (1) a spin chain with nearest-neighbor dipole -dipole interactions; (2) a more realistic model with interactions between all spins. It is shown that the entangled states appear between remote particles which do not interact directly (model 1), while the interaction between all spins (model 2) not always results in entanglement between remote spins.Comment: 14 pages, 3 figures. accepted for publication in Physical Review
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