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    The Complexity of Finding Effectors

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    The NP-hard EFFECTORS problem on directed graphs is motivated by applications in network mining, particularly concerning the analysis of probabilistic information-propagation processes in social networks. In the corresponding model the arcs carry probabilities and there is a probabilistic diffusion process activating nodes by neighboring activated nodes with probabilities as specified by the arcs. The point is to explain a given network activation state as well as possible by using a minimum number of "effector nodes"; these are selected before the activation process starts. We correct, complement, and extend previous work from the data mining community by a more thorough computational complexity analysis of EFFECTORS, identifying both tractable and intractable cases. To this end, we also exploit a parameterization measuring the "degree of randomness" (the number of "really" probabilistic arcs) which might prove useful for analyzing other probabilistic network diffusion problems as well.Comment: 28 page