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    Multipartite entanglement detection in bosons

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    We propose a simple quantum network to detect multipartite entangled states of bosons, and show how to implement this network for neutral atoms stored in an optical lattice. We investigate the special properties of cluster states, multipartite entangled states and superpositions of distinct macroscopic quantum states that can be identified by the network.Comment: 4 pages, 2 figure

    Percepción de la salud de los niños expresada en el lenguaje creativo de los dibujos

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    Objective. Children’s health perception through creative drawing language the identification of external factors perceived as negative or positive to health by children. Methodology. A descriptive study that describes the analysis of the expressive language of drawings and written comments. The sample consisted of 130 children in 3rd and 4th classes from four randomly selected schools, in the region of Central Portugal Continental (Coimbra district). The study was conducted during the first semester of 2011. The data collection was performed by means of Rodrigues’ drawing/writing sheet. This sheet is divided in 4 areas (2 of them to draw what children consider good for health and the other 2 to write the content or message of the drawings). The themes expressed are classified based on the priority areas for the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Results. children value healthy food, physical activity, mental health, prevention of inappropriate substance consumption and health and environment. The drawings and comments show links between diet and physical exercise, and between mental health and interpersonal relationships. Conclusion. Drawings and comments facilitate health professionals understanding of children’s perception of health positive and negative factors. The results of the study allow planning intervention strategies in school health from infant perception

    Efficient generation of graph states for quantum computation

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    We present an entanglement generation scheme which allows arbitrary graph states to be efficiently created in a linear quantum register via an auxiliary entangling bus. The dynamics of the entangling bus is described by an effective non-interacting fermionic system undergoing mirror-inversion in which qubits, encoded as local fermionic modes, become entangled purely by Fermi statistics. We discuss a possible implementation using two species of neutral atoms stored in an optical lattice and find that the scheme is realistic in its requirements even in the presence of noise.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures, RevTex 4; v2 - Major changes and new result

    Unparticle inspired corrections to the Gravitational Quantum Well

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    We consider unparticle inspired corrections of the type (RGr)β{(\frac{R_{G}}{r})}^\beta to the Newtonian potential in the context of the gravitational quantum well. The new energy spectrum is computed and bounds on the parameters of these corrections are obtained from the knowledge of the energy eigenvalues of the gravitational quantum well as measured by the GRANIT experiment.Comment: Revtex4 file, 4 pages, 2 figures and 1 table. Version to match the one published at Physical Review

    Antioxidants of natural plant origins: from sources to food industry applications

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    ReviewIn recent years, great interest has been focused on using natural antioxidants in food products, due to studies indicating possible adverse effects that may be related to the consumption of synthetic antioxidants. A variety of plant materials are known to be natural sources of antioxidants, such as herbs, spices, seeds, fruits and vegetables. The interest in these natural components is not only due to their biological value, but also to their economic impact, as most of them may be extracted from food by-products and under-exploited plant species. This article provides an overview of current knowledge on natural antioxidants: their sources, extraction methods and stabilization processes. In addition, recent studies on their applications in the food industry are also addressed; namely, as preservatives in different food products and in active films for packaging purposes and edible coatingsinfo:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Exact solution for the energy density inside a one-dimensional non-static cavity with an arbitrary initial field state

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    We study the exact solution for the energy density of a real massless scalar field in a two-dimensional spacetime, inside a non-static cavity with an arbitrary initial field state, taking into account the Neumann and Dirichlet boundary conditions. This work generalizes the exact solution proposed by Cole and Schieve in the context of the Dirichlet boundary condition and vacuum as the initial state. We investigate diagonal states, examining the vacuum and thermal field as particular cases. We also study non-diagonal initial field states, taking as examples the coherent and Schrodinger cat states.Comment: 10 pages, 8 figure

    Targets and Inflation Dynamics

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    Brazil has experienced crucial changes in its inflation process since the adoption of inflation targeting in mid 1999. This article addresses changes in the analytical framework employed to track the inflation dynamics, specifically the relevance of an explicit target for inflation. A New-Keynesian Phillips curve (NKPC) is derived incorporating indexation not only to past inflation but also to inflation targets, generalizing the Woodford (2003) hybrid curve. In our modeling, firms that do not optimally set their prices in a given period adjust them only by indexing their previous prices to a weighted average of the inflation target and lagged inflation. In such a framework, the impact of inflation targets on agents' decisions regarding the supply side can be analytically measured by the parameter associated to the inflation target. It is shown that inflation target affects the welfare-based monetary policy objective function by penalizing deviations of actual inflation from target instead of from zero. This result establishes the micro foundation basis for ad-hoc loss functions as indicated in traditional literature. Therefore, the inflation target also affects the optimal target criterion. We also present a microfounded specification to model inflation expectations, and conclude that when firms attribute a high weight to the government's inflation target when setting their own prices, exchange rate and demand shocks are unable to alter significantly inflation expectations. Such a result gives some light to empirical ad hoc assessment conducted in traditional literature. Our empirical evidence shows that even after major shocks, the target ability of anchoring inflation has been restored. Although not formally tested, such a fact followed the monetary authorities' firm commitment to meet the inflation targets, reinforced by the government's necessary support through a consistent fiscal policy.
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