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    Torque meter aids study of hysteresis motor rings

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    Torque meter, simulating hysteresis motor operation, allows rotor ring performance characteristics to be analyzed. The meter determines hysteresis motor torque and actual stresses of the ring due to its mechanical situation and rotation, aids in the study of asymmetries or defects in motor rings, and measures rotational hysteresis

    HCMM imagery for the discrimination of rock types, the detection of geothermal energy sources and the assessment of soil moisture content in western Queensland and adjacent parts of New South Wales and South Australia

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    The author has identified the following significant results. Day-visible and day-IR imagery of northwest Queensland show that large scale geological features like the Mitakoodi anticlinorium, which involves rocks of contrasting lithological type, can be delineated. North of Cloncurry, the contrasting lithological units of the Knapdale quartzite and bedded argillaceous limestones within the Proterozoic Corella sequence are clearly delineated in the area of the Dugald River Lode. Major structural features in the Mount Isa area are revealed on the day-visible cover. Which provides similar but less detailed information than the LANDSAT imagery. The day-IR cover provides less additional information for areas of outcropping bedrock than had been expected. Initial studies of the day-IR and night-IR cover for parts of South Australia suggest that they contain additional information on geology compared with day-visible cover

    HCMM and LANDSAT imagery for geological mapping in northwest Queensland

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    The author has identified the following significant results. Photographic prints made from negatives of day-visible and day-IR cover of selected areas were compared with enhanced color composites generated from LANDSAT computer compatible tapes and films. For geological mapping purposes, HCMM imagery is of limited value. While large scale features like the Mikadoodi anticlinorium, contrasting lithological units, and major structures may be distinguished on day-visible and day-IR cover, the spectral bands are too broad and the resolution too coarse even for regional mapping purposes. The imagery appears to be most useful for drainage studies. Where drainage is seasonal, sequential imagery permits monitoring of broad scale water movement while the day-IR imagery yields valuable information on former channels. In plains areas subject to periodic change of stream courses, comparable IR cover at a larger scale would offer considerable potential for reconstruction of former drainage patterns essential for the correct interpretation of geochemical data relative to mineral exploration

    Anomalous low temperature specific heat of He-3 inside nanotube bundles

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    Helium atoms and hydrogen molecules can be strongly bound inside interstitial channels within bundles of carbon nanotubes. An exploration of the low energy and low temperature properties of He-3 atoms is presented here. Recent study of the analogous He-4 system has shown that the effect of heterogeneity is to yield a density of states N(E) that is qualitatively different from the one-dimensional (1D) form of N(E) that would occur for an ideal set of identical channels. In particular, the functional form of N(E) is that of a 4D gas near the very lowest energies and a 2D gas at somewhat higher energies. Similar behavior is found here for He-3. The resulting thermodynamic behavior of this fermi system is computed, yielding an anomalous form of the heat capacity and its dependence on coverage.Comment: 11 pages, 6 figure

    Marxism and Educational Theory

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    Capitalism and Planetary Destruction: Activism for Climate Change Emergency

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    This article is in two sections. In section 1, I discuss the relationship between capitalism and planetary destruction, and in section 2, activism for climate change emergency. I begin section 1 with a brief summary of the agreement made at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. I then consider the relationship between capitalism and planetary destruction, focusing on the negative role of certain capitalist world leaders, namely Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro and Scott Morrison. Next I address the Paris climate change accord four years on: Madrid (COP 25), suggesting that we may be on a trend for total planetary catastrophe. I conclude section 1 with a forward look to Glasgow 2021 (COP 26), suggesting that we have a mountain to climb. In section 2, after briefly outlining the long history of climate change awareness, the role of activism in fostering climate change emergency is analysed, with reference to Greta Thunberg, and movements inspired by her example, as well as Extinction Rebellion. The case is made that a climate change emergency needs to be declared worldwide, citing a number of factors that seriously threaten the survival of our planet. I move on to a consideration of the relationship between climate change and gender, before concluding the chapter by stressing that it is not just the existence of humankind that is at threat, but also around a million other species