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    Sellars on Descartes

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    This essay is a critical assessment of Sellars' interpretation and criticism of Descartes. It argues that Sellars made several mistakes in his view of Descartes, although the general thrust of his critique is sound

    Electro-mechanical properties of REBCO coated conductors from various industrial manufacturers at 77 K, self-field and 4.2 K, 19 T

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    Rare-earth-barium-copper-oxide (REBCO) tapes are now available from several industrial manufacturers and are very promising conductors in high field applications. Due to diverging materials and deposition processes, these manufacturers' tapes can be expected to differ in their electro-mechanical and mechanical properties. For magnets designers, these are together with the conductors' in-field critical current performance of the highest importance in choosing a suitable conductor. In this work, the strain and stress dependence of the current carrying capabilities as well as the stress and strain correlation are investigated for commercial coated conductors from Bruker HTS, Fujikura, SuNAM, SuperOx and SuperPower at 77 K, self-field and 4.2 K, 19 T

    Technik / Technologie

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    Verwendung des Begriffs 'Technik/Technologie' in verschiedenen Fachdiskursen


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    Die Verwendung des Begriffs 'Invention' in verschiedenen Fachdiskursen

    Consciousness in Early Modern Philosophy

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    This commentary on Udo Thiel’s rich and inspiring book The Early Modern Subject consists of three parts. The first part expresses agreement with Thiel’s claim that the early modern philosophers use terms such as “conscientia”, “conscience”, “consciousness”, and “Bewusstsein” in order to refer to forms of “relating to one’s own self”. However, Thiel’s additional claim that the early modern philosophers were not much concerned with object consciousness is found wanting. The second part takes issue with Thiel’s understanding of the way in which René Descartes’s psychological usage of the term “conscientia” is innovative. It is argued that Descartes does not arrive at the psychological meaning of the term by abstraction from its moral meaning. Instead, Descartes only widens the application of the term in one of its established ancient meanings. The third part presents objections to Thiel’s higher-order reading of Cartesian conscientia.Peer Reviewe

    Physikalische Analyse der Ansprechverhaltens des CMS Siliziumdetektors beim Betrieb am LHC = Performance of the CMS Tracker under Irradiation

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    The subject of this thesis is the analysis of the evolution of silicon sensors\u27 leakage current and full depletion voltage of the CMS silicon strip tracker. In this scope two newly developed measurement techniques for the full depletion voltage are presented. The results are compared with the established radiation damage models and a forecast for the evolution of the silicon sensors\u27 properties is given

    Temperature- and Field Dependent Characterization of a Twisted Stacked-Tape Cable

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    The Twisted Stacked-Tape Cable (TSTC) is one of the major high temperature superconductor cable concepts combining scalability, ease of fabrication and high current density making it a possible candidate as conductor for large scale magnets. To simulate the boundary conditions of such a magnets as well as the temperature dependence of Twisted Stacked-Tape Cables a 1.16 m long sample consisting of 40, 4 mm wide SuperPower REBCO tapes is characterized using the "FBI" (force - field - current) superconductor test facility of the Institute for Technical Physics (ITEP) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). In a first step, the magnetic background field is cycled while measuring the current carrying capabilities to determine the impact of Lorentz forces on the TSTC sample performance. In the first field cycle, the critical current of the TSTC sample is tested up to 12 T. A significant Lorentz force of up to 65.6 kN/m at the maximal magnetic background field of 12 T result in a 11.8 % irreversible degradation of the current carrying capabilities. The degradation saturates (critical cable current of 5.46 kA at 4.2 K and 12 T background field) and does not increase in following field cycles. In a second step, the sample is characterized at different background fields (4-12 T) and surface temperatures (4.2-37.8 K) utilizing the variable temperature insert of the "FBI" test facility. In a third step, the performance along the length of the sample is determined at 77 K, self-field. A 15 % degradation is obtained for the central part of the sample which was within the high field region of the magnet during the in-field measurements


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    Verwendung des Begriffs 'Metapher' in verschiedenen Fachdiskursen
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