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    The Oppelaland: An Underground Refugee Theme Park in Aleppo

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    This thesis operates on the perception of Syrian refugees as a threat and a burden to European countries by architectural means. In emergency situations, architecture tends to act only after the conflict by providing temporary aid, such as refugee camps. This kind of emergency remedy displaces a large number of refugees to countries all over the world. Refugees may be discriminated and treated as second class citizens in the host countries. They may be restricted in small areas like prisoners rather than citizens with equal rights. This thesis propose a hyper-real project in the form of Refugeeland to call attention on this problem and provoke the countries that secretly support or promote the Syrian war and reject to participate in betterment of refugees’ livelihood. I presume that refugees are going to stay and imprisoned underground of their country. Tourists are going to visit this Refugeeland and have chances to experience to be one

    Conductance fluctuations in chaotic bilayer graphene quantum dots

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