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    Three flavour Quark matter in chiral colour dielectric model

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    We investigate the properties of quark matter at finite density and temperature using the nonlinear chiral extension of Colour Dielectric Model (CCM). Assuming that the square of the meson fields devlop non- zero vacuum expectation value, the thermodynamic potential for interacting three flavour matter has been calculated. It is found that and and remain zero in the medium whereas changes in the medium. As a result, uu and dd quark masses decrease monotonically as the temperature and density of the quark matter is increased.In the present model, the deconfinement density and temperature is found to be lower compared to lattice results. We also study the behaviour of pressure and energy density above critical temperature.Comment: Latex file. 5 figures available on request. To appear in Phys. Rev.

    David Goodale (1910-1983): A Tribute

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    A brief celebration of the life of freelance Whitman scholar David Goodale, an expert on Whitman and also William Douglas O\u27Conner

    Constitutional Law—Emergency Rent Control Law Amendment of 1962 Upheld as No Denial Of Due Process Or Equal Protection

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    Bucho Holding Co. v. Temporary State Housing Rent Comm\u27n, 11 N.Y.2d 469, 184 N.E.2d 569, 230 N.Y.S.2d 977 (1962)