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    The Teacher as Servant Leader: Revisited

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    This essay revisits an original conference proceedings chapter from 1997, examining the biblical and educational underpinnings for the concept of teacher and servant leader

    Special Education and Spiritual Formation

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    Faith-learning integration is a complex and sometimes challenging issue for university faculty, and something which our students have not likely engaged in. Rather than “integration,” emphasis will be on how Christian thought informs educational practice, and contributes to our spiritual formation, igniting flames of faith-learning and helping prepare caring and competent teachers

    The Ethic of Care and Inclusive Education

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    This article deals with the ethic of care in education, with a specific focus on classrooms that include students with disabilities. After a brief overview of historical and legal issues which led to the inclusive education movement, the discussion focuses on what an ethic of care involves from a biblical/theological perspective

    The Safety Appliance Act and the FELA: A Plea for Clarification

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    The aim of this thesis is to analyse and examine the debate on prenatal testing in Western countries, with a special focus on my own country, Sweden. In the near future it might be possible for a pregnant woman to profile the DNA of her foetus with a simple blood test early in pregnancy. This method of prenatal testing – Non Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis (NIPD) – could potentially detect the genetic causes of almost every disease. I will argue that prenatal testing should be offered by society to all pregnant women, not only to those at highest risk of giving birth to children with severe conditions. I will do that from a perspective of reproductive freedom. Furthermore, I will argue that offering prenatal testing for some conditions (such as Downs’s syndrome) and not for others, is conflicting with the autonomous choice of the pregnant woman

    Thermodynamics of an incommensurate quantum crystal

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    We present a simple theory of the thermodynamics of an incommensurate quantum solid. The ground state of the solid is assumed to be an incommensurate crystal, with quantum zero-point vacancies and interstitials and thus a non-integer number of atoms per unit cell. We show that the low temperature variation of the net vacancy concentration should be as T4T^4, and that the first correction to the specific heat due to this varies as T7T^7; these are quite consistent with experiments on solid 4^4He. We also make some observations about the recent experimental reports of ``supersolidity'' in solid 4^4He that motivate a renewed interest in quantum crystals.Comment: revised, new title, somewhat expande

    Justice, The Gospel, and People with Disabilities

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    The focus of this essay is on biblical justice in relation to persons with disabilities. The World Health Organization (2012) estimates that 15% of the world’s population includes people with disabilities. This staggering percentage means that there are over 47 million Americans with disabilities today and over one billion worldwide. As an outgrowth of the Civil Rights movement in the United States, the situation for some people with disabilities in the United States has continued to improve since the 1970s. However, in much of the world, individuals and families affected by disability continue to face injustice in the from of segregation, overt discrimination, exploitation, lack of education, and limited access to services, the combined result of which is “forced” poverty (Anderson, 2004)

    The Impact of the National Counter-Cyclical Income Support Program for Dairy Producers on Representative Dairy Farms

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    This report contains the results of an analysis of the National Counter-Cyclical Income Support Program for Dairy Producers on the Agricultural and Food Policy Center’s (AFPC) representative dairy farms. The impact of the proposal on the representative farms is evaluated in terms of the change in average annual cash receipts and the change in the average annual net cash farm income. The role and potential importance of payment limits on these farms are discussed. All milk prices by state and program benefits under the payment limit binding and nonbinding scenarios were developed by FAPRI and were applied to the representative dairies. For more information on those results see the FAPRI analysis of this program.Agribusiness, Agricultural and Food Policy, Livestock Production/Industries,

    Can We Save the Traditional Family Farm?

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    What is a traditional family farm? Is it a family of four living on a farm and supplying all of the labor, capital and management or is it a family corporation with four families supplying all of the capital and management? These types of questions continue to arise in policy debates, as they have for many years. While subject to heated debate and the core of many people’s positions on farm programs the answer is more sociological as it is becoming less and less economically relevant. Whether these types of farms or any other farm sizes should survive is not a question that can be answered by a policy analyst. The job of an analyst is to determine if and under what conditions family farms can survive. To this end, this paper reviews the various definitions of family farms and draws inferences as to the economic and financial survival of these different size farms using the results generated from simulating representative farms.Agricultural and Food Policy,


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    An important segment of milk marketing order reform involves replacing the current BFP. This working paper explains the background of the BFP issue, the options considered and the provisions of the proposed rule as related to the BFP issue.Marketing,
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