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    Erie County as a Metro-Wide School District

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    Studies show that the quality of a child’s education is largely dependent on her family’s wealth, race, and residence. When a child living in deep poverty is educated in a poor school district, she has little exposure to the opportunities and experiences enjoyed by children in wealthier districts. Metro-wide school districts attempt to equalize educational opportunities for all students, raise regional academic achievement levels, and generate better relations across economic, ethnic, and racial lines. These districts often form by consolidating urban and suburban school districts within a region into one centralized unit, often on a county-wide scale

    Network depth: identifying median and contours in complex networks

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    Centrality descriptors are widely used to rank nodes according to specific concept(s) of importance. Despite the large number of centrality measures available nowadays, it is still poorly understood how to identify the node which can be considered as the `centre' of a complex network. In fact, this problem corresponds to finding the median of a complex network. The median is a non-parametric and robust estimator of the location parameter of a probability distribution. In this work, we present the most natural generalisation of the concept of median to the realm of complex networks, discussing its advantages for defining the centre of the system and percentiles around that centre. To this aim, we introduce a new statistical data depth and we apply it to networks embedded in a geometric space induced by different metrics. The application of our framework to empirical networks allows us to identify median nodes which are socially or biologically relevant

    Robust Estimation of the Generalized Loggamma Model. The R Package robustloggamma

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    robustloggamma is an R package for robust estimation and inference in the generalized loggamma model. We briefly introduce the model, the estimation procedures and the computational algorithms. Then, we illustrate the use of the package with the help of a real data set.Comment: Accepted in Journal of Statistical Softwar

    Simulation of the Cosmic Ray Moon Shadow in the Geomagnetic field

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    An accurate MonteCarlo simulation of the deficit of primary cosmic rays in the direction of the Moon has been developed to interpret the observations reported in the TeV energy region until now. Primary particles are propagated trough the geomagnetic field in the Earth-Moon system. The algorithm is described and the contributions of the detector resolution and of the geomagnetic field are disentangled.Comment: 4 pages, 5 figures, Contribution to the 31st ICRC, Lodz, Poland, July 200
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