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    BPS and non-BPS Domain Walls in Supersymmetric QCD with SU(3) Gauge Group

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    We study the spectrum of the domain walls interpolating between different chirally asymmetric vacua in supersymmetric QCD with the SU(3) gauge group and including 2 pairs of chiral matter multiplets in fundamental and anti-fundamental representations. For small enough masses m < m* = .286... (in the units of \Lambda), there are two different domain wall solutions which are BPS-saturated and two types of ``wallsome sphalerons''. At m = m*, two BPS branches join together and, in the interval m* < m < m** = 3.704..., BPS equations have no solutions but there are solutions to the equations of motion describing a non-BPS domain wall and a sphaleron. For m > m**, there are no solutions whatsoever.Comment: 10 pages LaTeX, 5 postscript figure

    Upper bound on the cutoff in lattice Electroweak theory

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    We investigate numerically lattice Weinberg - Salam model without fermions for realistic values of the fine structure constant and the Weinberg angle. We also analyze the data of the previous numerical investigations of lattice Electroweak theory. We have found that moving along the line of constant physics when the lattice spacing aa is decreased, one should leave the physical Higgs phase of the theory at a certain value of aa. Our estimate of the minimal value of the lattice spacing is ac=[430¬Ī40Gev]‚ąí1a_c = [430\pm 40 {\rm Gev}]^{-1}.Comment: Latex, 21 pages, 3 figures, to appear in JHE

    Central Dominance and the Confinement Mechanism in Gluodynamics

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    New topological objects, which we call center monopoles, naturally arise in the Maximal Center Projection of SU(3) gluodynamics. The condensate of the center monopoles is the order parameter of the theory.Comment: 4 pages revtex, 3 figure

    Strings and Aharonov-Bohm Effect in Abelian Higgs Model

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    We investigate numerically the properties of the Abrikosov-Nielsen-Olesen strings in 4D abelian Higgs model. The fractal dimension D_f of the vortex strings was found to be large in the Coulomb phase and it is close to 2 in the Higgs phase. We also show that the Wilson loop for non-integer charges is correlated with the linking number of the vortex string world sheets and the test particle world trajectory. We find that this topological (Aharonov-Bohm) interaction gives the main contribution to the Wilson loop quantum average for non-integer test charges in the vicinity of the Coulomb-Higgs phase transition.Comment: 8 pages, LaTeX, 5 EPS-figures, uses epsf.st

    Abelian Monopoles and Action Density in SU(2) Gluodynamics on the Lattice

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    We show that the extended Abelian magnetic monopoles in the Maximal Abelian projection of lattice SU(2) gluodynamics are locally correlated with the magnetic and the electric parts of the SU(2) action density. These correlations are observed in the confined and in the deconfined phases.Comment: 11 pages, LaTeX2e, 5 figures, uses epsf.sty; revision: Introduction is extended and a few references are adde

    A hidden symmetry in the Standard Model

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    We found an additional symmetry hidden in the fermion and Higgs sectors of the Standard Model. It is connected to the centers of the SU(3) and SU(2) subgroups of the gauge group. A lattice regularization of the whole Standard Model is constructed that possesses this symmetry.Comment: 6 pages, no figures. Shortened versio

    Aharonov-Bohm effect, Center Monopoles and Center Vortices in SU(2) Lattice Gluodynamics

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    SU(2) gluodynamics is investigated numerically and analytically in the (Indirect) Maximal Center gauge at finite temperature. The center vortices are shown to be condensed in the confinement phase and dilute in the deconfinement phase. A new physical object, center monopole, is constructed. We show that the center monopole condensate is the order parameter of deconfinement phase transition. The linking of the vortex worldsheets and quark trajectories is identified with the Aharonov-Bohm interaction in an effective Abelian Higgs theory. We conclude that the confinement in the Maximal Center gauge can be explained by a new mechanism called "the real superconductor mechanism".Comment: LATTICE98(confine), 3 pages, LaTeX, 2 eps figures, uses espcrc2.st

    Evidence for the reality of singular configurations in SU(2) gauge theory

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    We consider the SU(2) lattice gauge model and investigate numerically the continuum limit of the simple center vortices which are singular configurations of the gauge fields. We found that the vortices remain alive in the continuum theory. Also we investigate the Creutz ratio and found that for all ő≤\beta it vanishes for those field configurations which do not contain the simple center vortices inside the considered Wilson loop. It leads us to the conclusion that these singular field configurations play a real role in the continuum theory.Comment: 10 pages LaTeX, 2 .eps figure

    SU(2) lattice gauge theory at non-zero temperature with fixed holonomy boundary condition

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    We study SU(2) lattice gauge theory at T>0T>0 in a finite box with fixed holonomy value at the spatial boundary. We search for (approximate) classical solutions of the lattice field equations and find in particular the dissociated calorons recently discussed by van Baal and collaborators.Comment: Talk at Lattice 2000, Bangalore; 4 pages, 4 figures, LaTe

    Calorons and BPS monopoles with non-trivial holonomy in the confinement phase of SU(2) gluodynamics

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    With the help of the cooling method applied to SU(2) lattice gauge theory at non-zero T‚ȧTcT \le T_c we present numerical evidence for the existence of superpositions of Kraan-van Baal caloron (or BPS monopole pair) solutions with non-trivial holonomy, which might constitute an important contribution to the semi-classical approximation of the partition function.Comment: 3 pages, 6 figures, contribution to Lattice2002(topology
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