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    Multicanonical Spin Glass Simulations

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    We report a Monte Carlo simulation of the 2D2D Edwards-Anderson spin glass model within the recently introduced multicanonical ensemble. Replica on lattices of size L2L^2 up to L=48L=48 are investigated. Once a true groundstate is found, we are able to give a lower bound on the number of statistically independent groundstates sampled. Temperature dependence of the energy, entropy and other quantities of interest are easily calculable. In particular we report the groundstate results. Computations involving the spin glass order parameter are more tedious. Our data indicate that the large LL increase of the ergodicity time is reduced to an approximately V3V^3 power law. Altogether the results suggest that the multicanonical ensemble improves the situation of simulations for spin glasses and other systems which have to cope with similar problems of conflicting constraints.Comment: 24 page

    Impact differences among the landing phases of a drop vertical jump in soccer players

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    The aim of this study was to examine the differences of landing phase biomechanics between the players who had anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction and healthy participants during single leg drop vertical jump. In this study, 11 soccer players who had anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (aged 23.0±3.6 years, height 177±5.0 cm, weight 83.8±11.7 kg) and 9 healthy soccer players( aged 22.2±2.4 years, height 178±3.0 cm, weight 74.3±6.1 kg) participated voluntarily. During the data collection phase three high speed cameras synchronized to each other and force plate were used. Visual analysis programme and MATLAB were used to calculate kinetic and kinematic variables. Landing techniques of the subjects' were examined by flexion angle of knee, ground reaction force and moment parameters. The statistical analyses of the measured results were performed by t-test and Pearson Correlation analysis. According to the results, it was determined that peak vertical ground reaction force exhibited significant phase differences (p=0.00, and p=0.00, respectively) between the groups. Obtained results can be explained with "quadriceps avoidance" motion pattern which is characterized by decreased quadriceps activity and lower external knee flexion moment in an effort to control anterior translation of the tibia in subjects with ACL reconstruction. A better understanding of the different phases during single-leg landings can shed a light on mechanism of non-contact anterior crucaite ligament injuries therefore future researches should assess how phase differences affect drop vertical jump performance. © 2018 Montenegrin Sports Academy. All rights reserved

    Smoothness of the Green Function for a Special Domain

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    Cataloged from PDF version of article.We consider a compact set K ⊂ ℝ in the form of the union of a sequence of segments. By means of nearly Chebyshev polynomials for K, the modulus of continuity of the Green functions gℂ\K is estimated. Markov's constants of the corresponding set are evaluated. © Instytut Matematyczny PAN, 2012

    Flora planine Aydogdu (Denizli / Turska)

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    The floristic characteristics of Mt Aydogdu (Denizli, Turkey) are presented and the vascular plant species growing in the area are documented. The study was carried out between 2000– 2003, and 1112 vascular plant samples were collected. At the end of the study, 586 taxa (at specific and infraspecific ranks) belonging to 82 families and 314 genera were identified. Asteraceae (76 species), Fabaceae (65 species) and Brassicaceae (43 species) are the largest families and Trifolium L. (13 species), Ornithogalum L. (9 species) and Veronica L. (9 species) are the largest genera in the area. The phytogeographic elements and their proportion represented in the study area are as follows: Mediterranean 180 (30.7%), Irano-Turanian 43 (7.3%), Euro-Siberian 24 (4.0%) and multiregional or of unknown phytogeographic origin 339 (58.0%). The endemism rate of the area is 9.7%, less then one third of the mean endemism rate in Turkey.U radu su prikazane florističke osobine planine Aydogdu (Denizli, Turska) i zabilježene su vrste vaskularnih biljaka koje rastu na tom području. Istraživanje je provedeno između 2000. i 2003., a prikupljeno je 1112 uzoraka vaskularnih biljaka. Na kraju istraživanja determinirano je sveukupno 586 svojti (na razini vrste i podvrste) iz 82 porodice i 314 rodova. Najzastupljenije porodice su Asteraceae (76 vrsta), Fabaceae (65 vrsta) i Brassicaceae (43 vrste), te rodovi Trifolium L. (13 vrsta), Ornithogalum L. (9 vrsta) i Veronica L. (9 vrsta). Fitogeografski elementi i njihov omjer je sljedeći: Mediteranski 180 (30.7%), Irano-Turanski 43 (7.3%), Eurosibirski 24 (4.0%) i multiregionalni ili nepoznatog fitogeografskog porijekla 339 (58.0%). Stupanj endemizma ovog područja je 9.7%, manje od jedne trećine srednje vrijednosti endemizma za Tursku