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    Tujuan penelitian ini untuk menguji kelayakan non finansial dan finansial dari home industry kue kala di Kecamatan Kawai XVI Provinsi Aceh Barat. Sampel penelitian terdiri dari 5 pengusaha home industry kue karah di Kecamatan Kaway XVI Kabupaten Aceh Barat. Metode analisis dalam penelitian ini menggunakan analisis kualitatif dan kuantitatif. Hasil analisis non finansial meliputi aspek teknis, SDM, lingkungan, hukum, pasar dan ekonomi dan sosial, dan analisis finansial membuktikan nilai Net present value (NPV) positif, nilai Internal Rate of Return (IRR) > discount faktor (14%), PBP > 1, nilai BEP produksi dan BEP harga 1 usaha, maka menyimpulkan home industry kue karah di Kecamatan Kaway XVI Kabupaten Aceh Barat layak untuk dikembangkan. Temuan tersebut dapat dijadikan acuan untuk merumuskan kebijakan dan memperkuat home industry kue karah sebagai kuliner warisan indatu

    Study of a flexible antenna for intelligent transport system application

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    —This paper presents flexible microstrip antenna designs that can be used for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) operating at a frequency of 5.9 GHz. Designing the flexible antennas for ITS provides alternative to automotive industry to place the antennas at various shapes and conditions. Two antenna arrangements are introduced to produce two different radiation patterns; omnidirectional and directional. Both antenna arrangements consist of a radiating patch and a ground plane which were printed on different side of dielectric substrate. In order to identify a suitable substrate for ITS application, each antenna arrangement is designed on three different substrates. Numerical predictions of the performance parameter from six different antennas, are compared and used to investigate the antennas flexibility, where the antennas are bent towards a cylinder with different radius

    Mobilising the Next Generation of Planetary Health Leaders: The Dynamism of Youth Engagement in Malaysia

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    With planetary health gaining traction as a global movement and problem-solving approach, this trans-disciplinary field is well-placed to provide an exciting and dynamic platform to promote engagement with young people. Previous studies have shown that although there is great energy and passion from youth, the global planetary health community struggles in sustaining young people’s motivations and engagement in today’s crowded physical and online environments. Planetary health advocates are also dealing with an increase in climate anxiety that has taken a toll on the emotional and mental wellbeing of young people. Here, we review our experience in engaging youth groups and networks in Malaysia through a four-pronged approach (consultation, facilitation, capacity-sharing, and evidence-building), as well as challenges commonly faced by the planetary health community in educating and building a youth movement. After a year of engagement, we found that mobilising the next generation of planetary health leaders requires a change in existing power dynamics to a capacity-sharing model, an emphasis on clear, simplified, and effective communications that utilise the mainstream youth spaces (e.g., social media), and hopeful messages to counter apathy and anxiety into action


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    Abstrak Pokok masalah dalam penelitian ini adalah bagaimana tinjauan hukum Islam terhadap strategi pemasaran Funding Office Pada Bank Syariah Indonesia (Studi Kasus PT. BSI Tbk KC Makassar Veteran). Jenis penelitian yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah penelitian lapangan (field Research) yaitu salah satu penelitian kualitatif, dimana peneliti turun langsung untuk mengumpulkan data, dengan pendekatan penelitian yang digunakan adalah: Yuridis dan Empiris. Selanjutnya metode pengumpulan data yang digunakan adalah observasi, wawancara, dan dokumentasi. Sedangkan tehnik pengelolaan dan analisis data yang dilakukan adalah dengan 1 kali tahap, yaitu pengelolaan data, analisa data penarikan kesimpulan. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan, Pertama, Pemasaran Funding Officer pada PT. BSI Tbk KC Makassar Veteran terdiri dari dua cara yakni pertama menggunakan strategi pemasaran melalui STP (Segmentasi, Target, dan Pasar) kedua menggunakan strategi yang dilihat dari segi konsep bauran pemasarannya yakni produk, promosi, lokasi, dan harga sesuai dengan kebutuhan kebutuhan nasabah. Kedua, Tinjauan Hukum Islam telah sesuai dengan fatwa DSN-MUI No.115 tahun 2017, dalam hal ini akad yang dilakukan oleh nasabah antara lain mudharabah dan wadiah. Implikasi penelitian ini adalah kedua belah pihak harus lebih memahami akad, agar sistem pemasaran dalam Funding Office Jauh lebih berjalan sesuai dengan yang di inginkan. Kata Kunci: Hukum Islam, Pemasaran, Petugas Pendanaan.   Abstract The main problem in this study is how to review Islamic law on the Funding Office marketing strategy at Indonesian Islamic Banks (Case Study of PT. BSI Tbk KC Makassar Veteran). The type of research used in this research is field research, which is a qualitative research, where researchers go directly to collect data, with the research approaches used are: juridical and empirical. Furthermore, the data collection methods used were observation, interviews, and documentation. Meanwhile, the data management and analysis technique is carried out in one step, namely data management, data analysis, drawing conclusions. The results showed, First, the Marketing Funding Officer at PT BSI Tbk KC Makassar Veteran consisted of two ways, namely the first using a marketing strategy through STP (Segmentation, Target, and Market) the second using a strategy that was seen in terms of the concept of the marketing mix namely product, promotion, location, and price according to customer needs. Second, the Islamic Law Review is in accordance with the DSN-MUI fatwa No.115 of 2017, in this case the contracts made by customers include mudharabah and wadiah. The implication of this research is that both parties must understand the contract better, so that the marketing system in the Funding Office is much more effective as desired. Keywords: Funding Officer, Islamic Law, Marketing

    CR incorporation in mesoporous silica matrix for fiber optic pH sensing

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    This research work is concerned with the synthesis of cetyl trimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) assisted silica nanomatrix and creosol red (CR) immobilization in silica nanomatrix. The synthesized nanomatrices are systematically characterized by FESEM/EDS analysis, AFM, FTIR, TGA, BET and UV–vis spectroscopy. FESEM analysis suggests the porous structure network of CTAB assisted silica occupied by CR species after immobilization. Silicon and oxygen signals along with CTAB and CR species by EDS spectra confirm a strong interaction with each other. AFM analysis exhibited the crack-free smooth surface with low average surface roughness ∼2.25 nm which decreased down to ∼1.98 nm. The thickness ∼12 nm is calculated after CR immobilization. FTIR spectroscopy confirmed the presence of silica molecules and CR species bonding after immobilization in silica matrix. BET analysis confirmed the mesoporosity of synthesized matrices with surface area of 458 m2/g, after immobilization. TGA and UV–vis analysis show that thermally stable CR immobilized matrix is 82% transparent and has low refractive index ∼1.38. The proposed sensing device has linear sensitivity ∼90 (a.u.)/pH unit with coefficient of determination (R2) ∼0.98 within pH 1–9. Fast response has been observed at 0.2 s in pH 9 with color change behavior and 98% repeatability identify that the coated matrix has potential in opto-chemical sensing device