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    Evolution of Axially Symmetric Anisotropic Sources in f(R,T)f(R,T) Gravity

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    We discuss the dynamical analysis in f(R,T)f(R,T) gravity (where RR is Ricci scalar and TT is trace of energy momentum tensor) for gravitating sources carrying axial symmetry. The self gravitating system is taken to be anisotropic and line element describes axially symmetric geometry avoiding rotation about symmetry axis and meridional motions (zero vorticity case). The modified field equations for axial symmetry in f(R,T)f(R,T) theory are formulated, together with the dynamical equations. Linearly perturbed dynamical equations lead to the evolution equation carrying adiabatic index Γ\Gamma that defines impact of non-minimal matter to geometry coupling on range of instability for Newtonian (N) and post-Newtonian (pN) approximations.Comment: 19 page