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    Spectral characterizations of propeller graphs

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    A propeller graph is obtained from an ∞\infty-graph by attaching a path to the vertex of degree four, where an ∞\infty-graph consists of two cycles with precisely one common vertex. In this paper, we prove that all propeller graphs are determined by their Laplacian spectra as well as their signless Laplacian spectra

    Recursive cubes of rings as models for interconnection networks

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    We study recursive cubes of rings as models for interconnection networks. We first redefine each of them as a Cayley graph on the semidirect product of an elementary abelian group by a cyclic group in order to facilitate the study of them by using algebraic tools. We give an algorithm for computing shortest paths and the distance between any two vertices in recursive cubes of rings, and obtain the exact value of their diameters. We obtain sharp bounds on the Wiener index, vertex-forwarding index, edge-forwarding index and bisection width of recursive cubes of rings. The cube-connected cycles and cube-of-rings are special recursive cubes of rings, and hence all results obtained in the paper apply to these well-known networks
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