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    Variational-Iterative Solution of Ground State for Central Potential

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    The newly developed iterative method based on Green function defined by quadratures along a single trajectory is combined with the variational method to solve the ground state quantum wave function for central potentials. As an example, the method is applied to discuss the ground state solution of Yukawa potential, using Hulthen solution as the trial function.Comment: 9 pages with 1 tabl

    Impact of pairing correlations on the orientation of the nuclear

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    For the first time, the tilted axis cranking covariant density functional theory with pairing correlations has been formulated and implemented in a fully self-consistent and microscopic way to investigate the evolution of the spin axis and the pairing effects in rotating triaxial nuclei. The measured energy spectrum and transition probabilities for the Nd-135 yrast band are reproduced well without any ad hoc renormalization factors when pairing effects are taken into account. A transition from collective to chiral rotation has been demonstrated. It is found that pairing correlations introduce additional admixtures in the single-particle orbitals, and, thus, influence the structure of tilted axis rotating nuclei by reducing the magnitude of the proton and neutron angular momenta while merging their direction.Comment: 13 pages, 5 figure