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    Bridges and Barriers: Patients\u27 Perceptions of the Discharge Process Including Multidisciplinary Rounds on a Trauma Unit

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    Discharge planning is a complex process and ideally begins early in the patient stay. Despite evidence about the importance of discharge readiness, there is limited literature about the patient\u27s view during this transition. The goal of this study was to explore patient perspectives about the discharge process, including multidisciplinary rounds. Multidisciplinary rounding is a process where care providers from various specialties meet to communicate, coordinate patient care, make decisions, and manage responsibilities. The theme found was “bridges and barriers to discharge.” Participants identified timelines and tasks, communication, social support, and motivation as helpful and medical setbacks, insurance limitations, and infrequent communication as hindrances to the discharge. Future research is recommended examining efficacy of various discharge models and examination of communication and support throughout hospitalization