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    Effective hamiltonian approach and the lattice fixed node approximation

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    We define a numerical scheme that allows to approximate a given Hamiltonian by an effective one, by requiring several constraints determined by exact properties of generic ''short range'' Hamiltonians. In this way the standard lattice fixed node is also improved as far as the variational energy is concerned. The effective Hamiltonian is defined in terms of a guiding function ψG\psi_G and can be solved exactly by Quantum Monte Carlo methods. We argue that, for reasonable ψG\psi_G and away from phase transitions, the long distance, low energy properties are rather independent on the chosen guiding function, thus allowing to remove the well known problem of standard variational Monte Carlo schemes based only on total energy minimizations, and therefore insensitive to long distance low energy properties.Comment: 8 pages, for the proceedings of "The Monte Carlo Method in the Physical Sciences: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Metropolis Algorithm", Los Alamos, June 9-11, 200
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