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    Aktualisasi Peran Majelis Taklim Az-Zikra dalam Peningkatan Kualitas Keagamaan Umat

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    Majelis taklim is an effective and efficient medium for interaction and dissemination of Islamic teachings for its adherents either through oral, written or concrete actions aimed at improving Muslim religious understanding. Majelis taklim Az-zikra is a fairly popular taklim assembly founded by ust.Arifin Ilham, a charismatic cleric who has a vision to build a Muslim Indonesian community that has a person of remembrance who brings peace and safety to the world of the hereafter. In carrying out the vision of majelis taklim, Az-zikra has an important role in increasing the religious values of Muslims in the Az-zikra environment, including in the field of religious education and the economic sector. Program activities that encourage the Az-zikra taklim assembly in carrying out its role, including: 1) The field of religious education includes: zikir akbar, routine recitation, student camps, sakinah family shrines and the Az-zikra boarding school Meanwhile, 2) the economic sector includes: Zikra mart, Az-zikra canteen, zikra laundry, multipurpose building rental, horse racing, Az-zikra travel, Az-zikra honey and Az-zikra boutique