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    Electron correlation and spin-orbit coupling effects in US3 and USe3

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    A systematic density functional theory (DFT)+U study is conducted to investigate the electron correlation and spin-orbit coupling (SOC) effects in US3 and USe3. Our calculations reveal that inclusion of the U term is essential to get energy band gaps for them, indicating the strong correlation effects for uranium 5f electrons. Taking consideration of the SOC effect results in small reduction on the electronic band gaps of US3 and USe3, but largely changes the energy band shapes around the Fermi energy. As a result, US3 has a direct band gap while USe3 has an indirect one. Our calculations predict that both US3 and USe3 are antiferromagnetic insulators, in agreement with corresponding experimental results. Based on our DFT+U calculations, we systematically present the ground-state electronic, mechanical, and Raman properties for US3 and USe3.Comment: 6 pages, 6 figure

    Frictionless economy and its implementation in real world

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    Frictionless economy is the new concept emerged from late 90s1. Its core idea is to remove the time both suppliers and customers spend on the trial and error on the price. So the markets always perform on the equilibriums. So markets can work in the perfect efficiency. But due to the various reasons, frictionless economy is rarely seen in the real world. The most common reason is lack of information. In last decade, the rise of internet and wide uses of IT technologies within businesses made the collection of information to be easier. Such trend renews people’s interesting on the frictionless economy. In this paper, we examine how exactly frictionless economy works and various reasons to prevent it to happen. We also suggest several solutions allow people to implement the frictionless economy in the real world if the only reason prevent them to have it is lack of information.frictionless economy, equilibrium, perfect efficiency, online surveys, single item auction, selling data analysis, local equilibrium and global equilibrium