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    Coherent State Control of Non-Interacting Quantum Entanglement

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    We exploit a novel approximation scheme to obtain a new and compact formula for the parameters underlying coherent-state control of the evolution of a pair of entangled two-level systems. It is appropriate for long times and for relatively strong external quantum control via coherent state irradiation. We take account of both discrete-state and continuous-variable degrees of freedom. The formula predicts the relative heights of entanglement revivals and their timing and duration.Comment: Published in PRA, 10 pages, 7 figure

    Quantum transitions induced by the third cumulant of current fluctuations

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    We investigate the transitions induced by external current fluctuations on a small probe quantum system. The rates for the transitions between the energy states are calculated using the real-time Keldysh formalism for the density matrix evolution. We especially detail the effects of the third cumulant of current fluctuations inductively coupled to a quantum bit and propose a setup for detecting the frequency-dependent third cumulant through the transitions it induces.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figure