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    Optically induced spin polarization of an electric current through a quantum dot

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    We examine electron transport through semiconductor quantum dot subject to a continuous circularly polarized optical irradiation resonant to the electron - heavy hole transition. Electrons having certain spin polarization experience Rabi oscillation and their energy levels are shifted by the Rabi frequency. Correspondingly, the equilibrium chemical potential of the leads and the lead-to-lead bias voltage can be adjusted so only electrons with spin-up polarization or only electrons with spin-down polarization contribute to the current. The temperature dependence of the spin polarization of the current is also discussed.Comment: Several misprints are correcte

    Kinetic equations for ultrarelativistic particles in a Robertson-Walker Universe and isotropization of relict radiation by gravitational interactions

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    Kinetic equations for ultrarelativistic particles with due account of gravitational interactions with massive particles in the Robertson-Walker universe are obtained. On the basis of an exact solution of the kinetic equations thus obtained, a conclusion is made as to the high degree of the uniformity of the relict radiation on scales with are less than 10′10'.Comment: 19 pages, 2 figures, 13 reference

    QCD analysis of near-to-planar 3-jet events

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    Perturbative QCD analysis is presented of the cumulative out-of-plane momentum distribution in the near-to-planar e+e- annihilation events, K_out << Q. In this kinematical region multiple gluon radiation effects become essential. They are resummed with the single-logarithmic accuracy, which programme includes the 2-loop treatment of the basic radiation and matching with the exact O(alpha_s^2) result. Dedicated experimental analyses of 3-jet event characteristics are of special interest for the study of the non-perturbative confinement effects.Comment: 32 pages, 1 figure, JHEP class include

    QCD analysis of D-parameter in near-to-planar three-jet events

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    We present the QCD analysis of D-parameter distribution in near-to-planar 3-jet e+e- annihilation events. We derive the all-order resummed perturbative prediction and the leading power suppressed non-perturbative corrections both to the mean value and the distribution. Here non-perturbative corrections are larger than in 2-jet shape observables, so that higher order non-perturbative effects could be relevant. Experimental data (not yet available) are needed in order to cast light on this important point. The technique we develop aims at improving the accuracy of the theoretical description of multi-jet ensembles, in particular in hadron-hadron collisions.Comment: 26 pages, 6 figures, JHEP class include
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