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    Explicit Multimonopole Solutions in SU(N) Gauge Theory

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    We construct multimonopole solutions containing N-1 distinct fundamental monopoles in SU(N) gauge theory. When the gauge symmetry is spontaneously broken to U(1)^{N-1}, the monopoles are all massive, and we show that the fields can be written in terms of elementary function for all values of the monopole positions and phases. In the limit of unbroken U(1) X SU(N-2) X U(1) symmetry, the configuration can be viewed as containing a pair of massive monopoles, each carrying both U(1) and SU(N-2) magnetic charges, together with N-3 massless monopoles that condense into a cloud of non-Abelian fields. We obtain explicit expressions for the fields in the latter case and use these to analyze the properties of the non-Abelian cloud.Comment: 22 pages, no figure

    Fundamental Vortices, Wall-Crossing, and Particle-Vortex Duality

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    We explore 1d vortex dynamics of 3d supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories, as inferred from factorization of exact partition functions. Under Seiberg-like dualities, the 3d partition function must remain invariant, yet it is not a priori clear what should happen to the vortex dynamics. We observe that the 1d quivers for the vortices remain the same, and the net effect of the 3d duality map manifests as 1d Wall-Crossing phenomenon; Although the vortex number can shift along such duality maps, the ranks of the 1d quiver theory are unaffected, leading to a notion of fundamental vortices as basic building blocks for topological sectors. For Aharony-type duality, in particular, where one must supply extra chiral fields to couple with monopole operators on the dual side, 1d wall-crossings of an infinite number of vortex quiver theories are neatly and collectively encoded by 3d determinant of such extra chiral fields. As such, 1d wall-crossing of the vortex theory encodes the particle-vortex duality embedded in the 3d Seiberg-like duality. For N=4\mathcal N = 4, the D-brane picture is used to motivate this 3d/1d connection, while, for N=2\mathcal N = 2, this 3d/1d connection is used to fine-tune otherwise ambiguous vortex dynamics. We also prove some identities of 3d supersymmetric partition functions for the Aharony duality using this vortex wall-crossing interpretation.Comment: 75 pages, 24 figures; v2: a reference added, published versio
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