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    The identification of cellular automata

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    Although cellular automata have been widely studied as a class of the spatio temporal systems, very few investigators have studied how to identify the CA rules given observations of the patterns. A solution using a polynomial realization to describe the CA rule is reviewed in the present study based on the application of an orthogonal least squares algorithm. Three new neighbourhood detection methods are then reviewed as important preliminary analysis procedures to reduce the complexity of the estimation. The identification of excitable media is discussed using simulation examples and real data sets and a new method for the identification of hybrid CA is introduced

    Pattern Count on Multiply Restricted Permutations

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    Previous work has studied the pattern count on singly restricted permutations. In this work, we focus on patterns of length 3 in multiply restricted permutations, especially for double and triple pattern-avoiding permutations. We derive explicit formulae or generating functions for various occurrences of length 3 patterns on multiply restricted permutations, as well as some combinatorial interpretations for non-trivial pattern relationships.Comment: 23 pages, 2 figure