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    An Investigation and Analysis of Student Participation in the Internal Governance of Chinese Universities

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    College students are an indispensable and important subject in the internal governance of universities. In order to understand the basic situation of student participation in current university governance, this study selected 158 students from more than 10 different types of universities in eastern, central, and western China as questionnaire survey subjects. The results show that college students in the new era have actively paid attention to and participated in the internal governance of universities, but there are problems such as students not understanding whether the university has set up a system for student participation in university internal governance, and the standardization, rationality, comprehensiveness, and effectiveness of rules and regulations are lacking; students are not highly satisfied with the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of participation content, and the participation content has not been highly advanced with the times; participation channels have not yet fully met student needs, and urgently need to be improved in terms of convenience and effectiveness; the construction of a supervision and guarantee mechanism for student participation in university internal governance is not widespread enough, and corresponding measures or mechanisms are not comprehensive enough. To this end, it should be improved from four aspects: strengthening the construction of rules and regulations system, optimizing participation content, improving participation channels, and strengthening supervision and guarantee

    Factors Influencing Purchase Intention on Mobile Shopping Web Site in China and South Korea: An Empirical Study

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    The research objective of this study is to analyze the factors that influence consumers\u27 perceptions of using mobile commerce services for online shopping in China and South Korea using ordered logistic regression analysis. We constructed the research model using the three dimensions of individual characteristics, shopping motivations and the characteristics of mobile shopping. We discovered that shopping frequency, utilitarianism, instant connectivity, and personalized information push positively impact the customers’ intention to use mobile phones in China. The results of the marginal effects indicated that the behavioral intentions of Chinese consumers increased when shopping frequency and instant connectivity increased. In addition, when utilitarianism and the personalized information push reach certain values, the shopping intention of online customers in China will decrease. Likewise, shopping frequency, hedonism, utilitarianism, instant connectivity, and SNS (Social Networking Services) accessibility positively affect the intention to use the Internet for m-shopping of South Korean consumers. In addition, the results regarding the marginal effects suggested that the intention to use m-shopping services on m-shopping web site of South Korean consumers increased as shopping frequency, hedonism, and instant connectivity increased. However, South Korean consumers\u27 adoption intention will decrease when utilitarianism and SNS accessibility reach certain values. These results provide important implications for mobile commerce literature and practice

    Variation of Oriental Oak (Quercus variabilis) Leaf δ13C across Temperate and Subtropical China: Spatial Patterns and Sensitivity to Precipitation

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    The concentration of the carbon-13 isotope (leaf δ13C) in leaves is negatively correlated with the mean annual precipitation (MAP) atlarge geographical scales. In this paper, we explain the spatial pattern of leaf δ13C variation for deciduous oriental oak (Quercus variabilis Bl.) across temperate and subtropical biomes and its sensitivity to climate factors such as MAP. There was a 6‰ variation in the leaf δ13C values of oak with a significant positive correlation with latitude and negative correlations with the mean annual temperature (MAT) and MAP. There was no correlation between leaf δ13C and altitude or longitude. Stepwise multiple regression analyses showed that leaf δ13C decreased 0.3‰ per 100 mm increase in MAP. MAP alone could account for 68% of the observed variation in leaf δ13C. These results can be used to improve predictions for plant responses to climate change and particularly lower rainfall

    The main elements of the solution to China’s demotic violence

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    Domestic violence represents a complex and pervasive issue within China, deeply entrenched in historical norms and sociocultural attitudes. Even with legal reforms aimed at criminalizing domestic violence and establishing legal protections for victims, challenges persist due to the societal perception of domestic violence as a family matter. This paper critically examines the main elements necessary for effectively combating domestic violence in China—policy instruments, policy implementation, and lobbying. By dissecting the shortcomings of current measures, the paper argues for the adoption of multidimensional policy tools beyond policing and legal action, such as public awareness campaigns and persuasive strategies designed to shift societal attitudes. The significance of rigorous policy implementation is emphasized, highlighting the need for iterative enforcement and organizational learning to ensure the efficacy of domestic violence policies. Furthermore, the complex role of lobbying within China's political context is explored, demonstrating its impact on policy proposals and reforms. Overall, the paper posits the need for a comprehensive approach, involving a concerted effort from policymakers, law enforcement, and civil society to address the multifaceted challenges of domestic violence in China

    Imaginary-time Quantum Relaxation Critical Dynamics with Semi-ordered Initial States

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    We explore the imaginary-time relaxation dynamics near quantum critical points with semi-ordered initial states. Different from the case with homogeneous ordered initial state, in which the order parameter MM decays homogeneously as Mτβ/νzM\propto \tau^{-\beta/\nu z}, here MM depends on the location xx, showing rich scaling behaviors. Similar to the classical Model A critical dynamics with an initial domain wall, here as the imaginary time evolves, the domain wall expands into an interfacial region with growing size. In the interfacial region, the local order parameter decays as Mτβ1/νzM\propto \tau^{-\beta_1/\nu z}, with β1\beta_1 being an additional dynamic critical exponent. Far away from the interfacial region the local order parameter decays as Mτβ/νzM\propto \tau^{-\beta/\nu z} in the short-time stage, then crosses over to the scaling behavior of Mτβ1/νzM\propto \tau^{-\beta_1/\nu z} when the location xx is absorbed in the interfacial region. A full scaling form characterizing these scaling properties is developed. The quantum Ising model in both one and two dimensions are taken as examples to verify the scaling theory. In addition, we find that for the quantum Ising model the scaling function is an analytical function and β1\beta_1 is not an independent exponent.Comment: 8 pages, 5 figure