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    Semiquantitative PCR for <i>HJURP</i>.

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    <p>Expression of <i>HJURP</i> for the three different genotypes of rs3771333 was measured in RNA from Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-transformed blood lymphocyte cell lines derived from 53 unrelated Chinese individuals. Forty-three individuals carry A/A, 9 carry A/C and 1 carrys C/C genotype. Normalization for mRNA quantity was performed with human <i>GAPDH</i> control primers for each sample. The horizontal bars indicate the mean values for each genotype, with the mean value of A/A carriers designated as 1. We found that the expression of <i>HJURP</i> mRNA in C allele carriers had a lower level compared with the A/A carriers (<i>P</i> = 0.0078; <i>t</i> test).</p